e-file Form 2290

You must e-file your Form 2290, Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return, if you are filing for 25 or more vehicles, but we encourage e-filing for anyone required to file Form 2290 and who wants to receive quick delivery of their watermarked Schedule 1. With e-file, you’ll receive it almost immediately after we accept your e-filed Form 2290.

Step 1: Gather Your Information

  • Employer Identification Number. You cannot use your Social Security number
    Don't have an EIN? Apply now; allow four weeks for your new EIN to be established in our systems before filing your Form 2290.
  • Use the same name. Your e-file name control must match your EIN name.
  • Vehicle Identification Number of each vehicle.
  • Taxable gross weight of each vehicle.
    See Form 2290 instructions for information on how to calculate the taxable gross weight.

Step 2: Choose a 2290 E-file Provider and File

  • Review the list of participating commercial software providers and select one from the current tax year that best meets your needs.
  • Services offered and fees charged differ by provider.
  • You cannot e-file your Form 2290 on IRS.gov. You must use one of the participating commercial software providers.
  • Follow the software prompts to complete, sign and e-file your return.
  • Caution: When using a credit card or debit card to pay your tax, the third-party provider you choose to file your Form 2290 does not charge the tax you owe. You will only be charged their fee. When filing your Form 2290 with the third-party provider, check the “Credit Card” option, then see below and select Pay Your Taxes by Credit or Debit Card to get more information on how to pay the tax with a credit card or debit card.

Step 3: Choose a Payment Option

 You'll receive your watermarked Schedule 1 from your e-file provider via email after we accept your Form 2290. To avoid problems, ensure the watermark on your printed copy of Schedule 1 is legible before submitting it to your state department of motor vehicles. You may need to reprint with fresh ink or on a different printer to ensure a legible watermark.

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