Forms Problems Contact Page


This page is only for Free File Fillable Forms users

This page is for reporting print, display and all form problems. If you are not using the Free File Fillable Forms program, we will not be able to answer your question.

We cannot interpret the form or its instructions for you.

You will receive assistance from this page only when you meet these two criteria:

  1. You are using the Free File Fillable Forms Program
  2. You have a question about how the forms should work or there is a printing / display issue you are experiencing.

If you do not meet both criteria, your question is out of scope and you cannot receive support from this page.


Do Not Contact Us until you have read 

  1. The Notes about the form
  2. The information about the form and line you're having problems with. 

When you do contact us provide this information: 

Subject:    Enter the form number or schedule name
Body:       Briefly describe the problem

Do not email personal information, such as a Social Security Number or a physical address.

We apologize that it may take a few days to research the issue and provide a response. Please be patient.