Forms Problem Contact for Free File Fillable Forms


This page is for taxpayers using Free File Fillable Forms.

This page is for reporting print, display and miscellaneous form problems. If you are not using the Free File Fillable Forms program, we will not be able to answer your question(s).

You will receive a reply when:

  1. You are using the Free File Fillable Forms application
  2. You have a question about how the forms should work
  3. There is a printing/display issue you are experiencing

Please keep in mind that Print and Display issues are usually related to non-compliance with the recommended browsers and browser settings. 

Review the Line-by-Line Instructions page for information on the form, including any notes, before you contact us  Most times, the information we provide comes directly from that page.

Do not email personal information, such as a Social Security number or a physical address.

When you Contact Us, please describe your issue in detail.

We apologize that it may take a few days to research the issue and provide a response. Please be patient.