Free File Fillable Forms

Fillable Forms is closed for the year

November 17 was the last day to access accounts, make changes, print or resubmit a rejected return.  After November 17, 2022, you will not have access to your Free File Fillable Forms account and your 2021 federal tax return.

After November 17, 2022:

  1. We cannot assist you in recovering any of your tax return information
  2. Every account is erased from the server
  3. It is not possible to access your return, return information or print your return

Information and links that may assist when the program is closed:

The Free File Fillable Forms program welcomes your comments.

Once the program opens in 2023, go to the IRS Free File page to start your tax return.

About Free File Fillable Forms

Free File Fillable Forms are electronic federal tax forms you can fill out and file online for free, enabling you to:

  • Choose the income tax form you need
  • Enter your tax information online
  • Electronically sign and file your return
  • Print your return for recordkeeping

If you choose Free File Fillable Forms as your Free File option, you should be comfortable doing your own taxes. Limitations with Free File Fillable Forms include:

  • It won't give you guidance about which forms to use or help with your tax situation
  • It only performs basic calculations and doesn't provide extensive error checking
  • It will only file your federal return for the current tax year
  • No state tax return option is available
  • You can't make changes once your return is accepted