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K-1 Bar Code Certification Process

If your company is creating bar coded Schedules K-1, you must receive certification for both the printed K-1, as well as the bar code before offering your product for sale. The IRS has created the procedures below to streamline the testing process. Help us expedite your test documents by following these procedures as closely as possible.

  1. Software developers will create substitute forms with a bar code on the form for each test scenario.  There are five scenarios per Schedule K-1.  In addition, please submit an extra "blank" K-1 of each form type being submitted. A "blank" K-1 has no entity or tax data entered.
  2. In order to expedite processing of your test documents, please include only bar code related K-1 documents and associated parent returns in your test packages. 
  3. While the IRS will test the printed returns for compliance with applicable revenue procedures, the testing of the bar code itself will be done by Leidos - IRS Paper & Remittance Processing Support (PRP II).  Send two sets of original-print test cases--one to IRS, one to Leidos at the following Addresses:

    IRS Address 
    Internal Revenue Service  
    Attn: K-1 Substitute Forms Analyst 
    RM 6411 
    1111 Constitution Ave, N.W. 
    Washington, DC  20224 

    Leidos Address
    Leidos - IRS Paper & Remittance Processing Support (PRPS II)

    Attn: Dane Hawkins
    4701 Forbes Blvd.
    Lanham, MD 20706
  4. Vendors should comply with all NACTP guidelines especially in regards to mil size and error correction Level.
    • Submissions should include vendor ID code printed and in the bar code.
    • If a change is made to the bar code after approval, be sure to increment the version number.
  5. The IRS Substitute Forms Analyst will review the printed form for compliance to revenue procedures.  Note: All K-1's must include the correct forms code in OCR-A font in the upper right corner of each page (see table below):
    IRS Official K-1
     1041 K-1 661114
     1065 K-1 651114
     1120S K-1 671114
  6. NGIT will test the bar code for compliance to web-published bar code specifications.
  7. Please include the following information in the test package:
    • A list of Forms and Schedules being submitted for test/certification
    • Primary and back-up contacts within the company
    • Phone numbers and e-mail addresses for both primary and back-up contacts
    • Date of mailing or submission
  8. If the bar codes passes but the printed form does not, you will receive notification of what changes are required and whether or not further printed-form review is needed.
  9. If the test case(s) bar codes fail verification, Leidos will make contact with your company directly through either the primary or back-up points of contact with the following information.
    • Why the test failed
    • What needs to be corrected
    • Any additional comments pertinent to the test or corrections
  10. If the bar codes meet the requirements in the specifications, and the printed form also passes review, you will receive a single notification from the IRS substitute forms analyst that they have passed the certification process.

Thank you for participating in the Schedule K-1 2-D bar code program.  We strongly believe your customers will benefit from higher quality data because of your efforts.

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