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  • Quick Alerts
    When we need to get in touch with tax professionals in a hurry, we send a Quick Alert. If there's a problem that interrupts processing of e-filed returns we send a Quick Alert to all our subscribers let them know. If there's a tax law or publication change affecting e-file, we send a Quick Alert.
    We urge you to sign up for Quick Alerts as soon as you are approved to participate in IRS e-file. Quick Alerts come directly to your email and provide up to the minute e-file information.
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    E-News comes directly to your e-mail. E-News offers readers a series of headlines and links to more info. You can scan quickly and find what matters to you. It provides general news, easy access to resources on and a section on local news and events for each state and the District of Columbia. It includes international tax news as well.
  • When you sign up for E-News, you can put yourself on our subscriber list for two more free resources; IRS Newswire and IRS Tax Tips.