Print, Display & Misc. Problems

We recommend you use the “Print Return” button after you have finish completing your return and before you attempt to efile.

Print Issues

When you do not use a recommended operating system or browser, you may experience one or more of these problems:

  1. No forms will print
  2. Information you entered is missing from the printed form
  3. The form does not display correctly on your computer

Switching to a recommended browser and /or operating system will generally resolve the issue. Make sure you adhere to the recommended browser settings.

  1. Some of your forms won't print - This may be a browser pop up blocker issue or a sign that the missing form(s) are
    • Incomplete or 
    • Not supposed to print with the return. Some forms that will not print with the return are:
      • Form W-2
      • Form 1099-R
      • 1040-ES

You should also review the User’s Guide and the Line-by-Line instructions page for assistance with completing forms and printing.

Display Issues

When the form does not display correctly on your screen or the information you enter “disappears” after you save or move to another form, you are likely not in compliance with the Computer Requirements. If compliance is not the cause, that page also contains steps you can take to resolve the problem.  

Miscellaneous Issues

Open the User’s Guide and select your CRTL+F keys to open the search box in the User’s Guide. Enter your search terms into the box to find miscellaneous topics.


Contact Us with your Printing, Display and Miscellaneous Form Problem if you cannot resolve your issue using the self-assist resources.