IVES Enrollment Procedures


Customers must complete two major steps before their company can take advantage of this new service: complete and submit the IVES application to one of the designated RAIVS units and complete the e-Services registration process.

First step – IVES Enrollment

Each company participating in the new two-day service must complete Form 13803, IVES Application Form, to enroll in the IVES program. It requests some basic information on the business, including name, address, telephone and fax number. It also requires the name of the principal owner or controlling officer of the company. The principal can be the owner, business manager or officer who has the responsibility to administer the company’s participation in IVES. The form also asks for a primary point of contact that would be available on a daily basis in case the IRS needs to contact the company. Finally, it asks for a Responsible Official, or the person who manages the IVES program at each business office location. The company can choose to designate a Responsible Official or just a Principal to oversee the IVES process.

NOTE: Information on the Dunn and Bradstreet application process can be obtained through the Duns Number Application GuidePDF.

Please mail or fax the completed enrollment form to one of the three RAIVS units closest to your primary operating location. You will be notified of where to submit your Form 4506-C requests. This may not be the same location to which your application is submitted. The location for submission of your requests will be determined in a method designed to provide you with the most optimum service.

NOTE: The Fax Lines listed below have been updated. The Form 13803, IVES Application Form does not reflect the updated numbers. Applicants should utilize the below fax lines to submit their applications.

Austin RAIVS Team
Stop 6716 AUSC
Austin, TX 73301
Fax 844-249-6238

Kansas City RAIVS Team
Stop 6705 S-2
Kansas City, MO 64999
Fax 844-249-8128

Ogden RAIVS Team
P.O. Box 9941
Mail Stop 6734
Ogden, UT 84409
Fax 844-249-8129

Next step - e-Services Registration

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