E-Services is a suite of web-based tools for tax professionals, reporting agents, mortgage lenders and payers to transact with the IRS. To access accounts, you must accept the terms of agreement when you sign in.


E-file provider services

Access IRS e-file application and e-file transmission methods.

Access e-file services

Affordable Care Act (ACA) services

Access ACA application for TCC and ACA Transmission methods.

Access ACA services

Information Returns Intake System (IRIS)

Access IRIS application for TCC which is used to electronically file information returns through the Information Return Intake System (IRIS).

Access IRIS TCC application

Transcript Delivery System (TDS)

Obtain individual or business clients’ transcripts and access to IVES Application and Reports.

Access TDS

TIN matching

Validate taxpayer identification number and name before you submit information returns.

Access TIN matching

Application Program Interface (API) Client ID

Access API Client ID Application which allows communication directly to the IRS for e-Services, IVES FBP, and IRIS.

Access API Client ID

System availability

E-Services is available 24 hours a day except Sunday from 12 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET during system maintenance.

Secure Object Repository (SOR)

Get transcripts and TIN matching results from the secure mailbox.

State agency services

View taxpayer returns and generate state reports for e-file participant data with state TDS and EFIN extract.


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