E-file provider services

E-file application

Use our online e-file application to become an authorized e-file provider or view and update existing applications

It is only through an approved e-file application that tax professionals, who are electronic return originators (EROs), Circular 230 practitioners, or reporting agents (RAs), can gain access to the Transcript Delivery System. EROs must e-file five or more returns in a tax season to be eligible. Circular 230 practitioners need only apply and be approved.

Access e-file application

*requires login credentials

E-file transmission

You must have an e-Services username and password and a completed e-file application before participating.


This method uses Automated Enrollment (AE) to enroll and maintain the A2A client application systems. AE provides a user interface for enrolling and maintaining A2A client application systems for the IRS A2A channel. For more information see the Automated Enrollment user guidePDF and how to become an authorized e-file provider.

Access A2A Automated Enrollment

*requires login credentials


This transmission method allows users to login to e-Services and upload a file. For more information see Pub. 4164, Modernized e-file Guide for Software Developers and TransmittersPDF.

Transmit using IFA

*requires login credentials

Access Assurance Testing System (ATS) questionnaire

Software developers must access their e-Services account to submit questionnaires for each form they are testing. You must be an authorized user on a completed IRS e-file application and have principal or user granted principal consent authority or be a responsible official or delegate users with Add & Change Software Package Information authority granted. 

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