Affordable Care Act (ACA) services

ACA Application for TCC

Use the ACA Application for TCC to participate in electronic filing of ACA information returns (Forms 1094-B, 1095-B, 1094-C and 1095-C).

Participants can receive a TCC for three different roles:

  • Transmitter,
  • Software developer and/or
  • Issuer.

The responsible officials and contact listed on the application must complete the Secure Access Registration process before starting the application process. For more information on electronic filing of ACA information returns, refer to the AIR Program below.

Access ACA Application for TCC

*requires login credentials

AIR transmission program

You must be registered for e-Services and have a completed application for a transmitter control code to file.


Automated enrollment (AE) is used to enroll and maintain the A2A client application systems. For more information see Automated enrollment guide for ACA providersPDF and ACA information center for tax professionals.

Access ISS-A2A Automated Enrollment

*requires login credentials


Use AIR ISS-UI to upload a file for transmission. For more information see Publication 5165PDF.

Transmit using ISS-UI

*requires login credentials

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