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Economic Stimulus Payments News and Legal Guidance

Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

Updated Sept. 23, 2008

News Releases | Audio Files | Fact Sheets |Tax Tips | Legal Guidance

News Releases

  • IR-2008-114, October 15 Deadline Approaches for Retirees and Disabled Veterans
  • IR-2008-109, October 15 Deadline Nears, Don't Let Stimulus Payment Pass You By
  • IR-2008-103, People Can Avoid Common Errors that Delay Stimulus Payments
  • IR-2008-91, IRS Sending Stimulus Payment Information to Retirees, Veterans
  • IR-2008-80, IRS Launches Summer Push to Reach Retirees and Disabled Veterans Who Have Yet to File for Their Economic Stimulus Payments
  • IR-2008-68, Relief for Stimulus Payments Withdrawn from IRAs and Tax-Favored Accounts
  • IR-2008-66, Economic Stimulus Payments on the Way; Some People Will See Direct Deposit Payments Today
  • IR-2008-65, Retirees, Disabled Vets Still Can File for 2008 Stimulus Payments
  • IR-2008-58, IRS To Issue Guidance on Special 50-Percent Depreciation Allowance
  • IR-2008-53, IRS Economic Stimulus Payment Information Now in Spanish
  • IR-2008-51, Tips for Tax Filers on Economic Stimulus Payments
  • IR-2008-48, Combat Pay Can Count Toward Economic Stimulus Payment Eligibility
  • IR-2008-44, IRS Announces Economic Stimulus Payment Schedules, Provides Online Payment Calculator
  • IR-2008-42, IRS Encourages Organizations on Outreach to Low-Income Individuals
  • IR-2008-37, Special Economic Stimulus Payment Packages Go to Social Security, Veterans Recipients
  • IR-2008-34, IRS Free File Now Available for Nonfilers Who Must File a Return to Receive Economic Stimulus Payment
  • IR-2008-28, Special Economic Stimulus Letters Reach Mailboxes in March
  • IR-2008-22, 2008 Economic Stimulus Act Provides Tax Benefits to Businesses
  • IR-2008-21, More Information on Stimulus Payments Posted to; New Details for Recipients of Social Security, Veterans Benefits
  • IR-2008-18, IRS Will Send Stimulus Payments Automatically Starting in May; Eligible Taxpayers Must File a 2007 Tax Return to Receive Rebate

Fact Sheets

  • FS-2008-21, Business Provisions of the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008
  • FS-2008-17, Low-Income Individuals with No Filing Obligations May Still Qualify for Economic Stimulus Payments
  • FS-2008-16, Stimulus Payments: Instructions for Low-Income Workers and Recipients of Social Security and Certain Veterans’ Benefits
  • FS-2008-15, Facts about the 2008 Stimulus Payments


  • Video on YouTube — We’ve got some video and transcripts to view or read or that just might work on your Web site or in your tax report. The topics are: Taxpayers Who Normally Don't File, Beware of Rebate Scams and General Information for Taxpayers.

Audio Files

Tax Tips

Taxpayer Notices

  • Package 1040A-3 — Mailing to 20.5 million recipients of SSA and VA who did not file a tax return in 2006 and may be eligible for stimulus payment.
  • Economic Stimulus Payment Notice (Notice 1377) — Mailing to 130 million taxpayers who filed a tax return in 2006 to explain eligiblity requirements for economic stimulus payments.

Legal Guidance

  • Notice 2008-28 — Guidance for people not otherwise required to file a tax return.
  • Revenue Procedure 2008-21 — Guidance related to the accuracy of tax returns filed by certain people under Notice 2008-28.

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