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Topic Transcript Minutes
2024 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums: Transforming tax services for professionals Text 2:36
ABLE accounts Text 1:40
Appealing a collection action Text 4:11
Amending a return Text 1:26
Appealing an examination dispute Text 4:13
Are you making extra cash selling stuff or providing a service? Text 1:18
Audits by mail: What to do Text 2:53
Avoid phishing emails Text 1:16
Can't pay your taxes? Why it's still important to file your tax return Text 2:41
Changed your name after marriage or divorce?  Text 1:13
Choose a tax preparer wisely Text 2:22
Come work at the IRS Text 1:23
Communicate with IRS Office of Appeals using secure messaging Text 1:42
Day camp and other child care expenses Text 1:12
Direct deposit for your tax refund Text 1:00
Dirty dozen Text 0:40
Do I need to fill out a new W-4? Text 1:53
Do-it-yourself free tax preparation Text 1:30
Don’t fall for Employee Retention Credit scams Text :38
Don’t fall for tax scams about the Child Tax Credit Text 1:53
Earned income tax credit - Get it right Text 1:57
Easy steps to protect your computer and phone Text 1:18
Education tax credits Text 1:58
Employee achievement awards Text 1:18
Estimated tax payments Text 2:37

Extension of time to file

Text 2:00
Families in Puerto Rico can benefit from the Child Tax Credit Text 1:15
File your IRS tax return electronically for free  Text 1:46
Filing information returns electronically with the IRS Text 0:41
First time filing a tax return? Text 3:39
Five things to know about the employer identification number Text 1:30
Foreign tax credit: Statutory withholding rate vs. treaty rate Text 9:36
Form 1023-EZ Text 0:41
Free help preparing your tax return Text 0:59
Get an identity protection PIN Text 1:21
Get ready! Text 2:00
Get to know the Earned Income Tax Credit and how it can help you Text 1:33
Getting married? Text 2:40
Gift card scam Text 1:03
Gift Tax  Text 1:04
Have you checked your withholding lately? Text 1:16
Health care law: Are you an applicable large employer? Text 2:15
Health care law: Employer shared responsibility payments Text 1:42
Health care law: Highlights for applicable large employers Text 2:24
Health care law: Highlights for self-insured employers Text 1:48
Health care law: Information reporting for self-insured employers Text 2:33
Help for taxpayers Text 1:55
Here’s how Indian tribal governments can avoid employment tax penalties Text 2:00
Here’s how to avoid IRS penalties and interest Text 1:16
Here's how to avoid IRS text message scams Text 1:56
Here’s how to know that private collection agency calling you is legit Text 1:20
Here’s how to use the Find Your Trusted Partner tool Text 1:01
Here’s how your organization can help lift people in your area out of poverty Text 1:33
Here’s the IRS contact information for Indian tribal governments Text 1:11
Here's what to do if you must close your business Text 1:00
Here’s what to do if you owe taxes, but can’t pay Text 0:45
Here’s what to know about IRS Free File guided tax software Text 1:11
Here’s what to know about tax scams so you can avoid them Text 1:39
Here's what you can do with IRS online account Text 0:55
How to avoid tax scams Text 1:34
How to create an account to use IRS Free File Fillable Forms Text 1:04
How to get an individual taxpayer identification number Text 1:45
How to maintain, monitor and protect your EFIN Text 2:26
How to pay your taxes Text 1.51
How to settle your debt with the IRS on your own Text 1:38
How to subscribe to IRS e-News Text 1:41
How to use the Tax Return Preparer Directory Text 1:37
Individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) Text 1:36
Inflation Reduction Act: New and used clean vehicles Text 1:11:38
Interactive Tax Assistant Text 1:23
International taxation Text 1:41
International taxpayers-filing status if married to a nonresident alien Text 4:28
International taxpayers-foreign tax credit Text 6:10
International taxpayers-individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN) Text 4:40
Introducing Tax Pro Account Text 1:16
IRA/retirement plan 60-day rollover waivers Text 0:57
IRS authenticated collection voice bot Text 2:25
IRS Direct File pilot Text 0:57
IRS Direct File Pilot overview Text 1:51

IRS Economic Impact Payments on your tax account

Text 2:01
IRS is hiring Text 1:07

IRS is hiring 2022

Text 1:49
IRS is looking for appeals officers Text 1:18
IRS Office of Online Services is hiring Text 1:17
Large Business and International economist at the IRS Text 3:41
IRS Large Business and International engineer Text 4:10
IRS Large Business and International revenue agent Text 4:30
IRS Letter CP2000: Proposed changes to your tax return Text 3:35
IRS Letter CP3219A: Statutory notice of deficiency Text 2:38
IRS phone scams Text 0:56
IRS Small Business Self-Employed Tax Center Text 3:38
IRS special agent Text 2:59
IRS Tax Calendar Text 1:04
IRS tax help for people with disabilities Text 1:43
Is Social Security taxable? Text 2:08
Is this the year you file your tax return electronically? Text 0:46
Looking to settle for less with the IRS? Text 3:57
Making an appointment for IRS tax help Text 1:47
Miscellaneous income Text 1:15
Missing W-2 Text 1:30
Monitoring your outsourced payroll duties on EFTPS Text 2:00
Mortgage interest deduction Text 1:49
Multilingual resources on Text 1:18
Navigating through the restart of automated collection notices and penalty relief Text 59:57
Need a payment plan? Consider using the online payment agreement application Text 1:45
Offer in compromise Text 0:44
Opportunity Zone Text 1:20
Options for paying your federal taxes Text 1:55
Organizing files for correspondence exams Text 2:00

Owe taxes but can't pay?

Text 1:21
Part-time and seasonal jobs Text 1:51
Phishing emails target tax professionals Text 1:35
Pop quiz! do you qualify for an education tax credit? Text 1:17
Premium tax credit: Changes in circumstances Text 1:36
Preparing for disasters Text 1:02
Protect Your identity Text 0:56
Qualified business income deduction Text 1:45
Received a letter from the IRS regarding Form 944? Text 1:48
Recruiting volunteers to prepare taxes in communities across America Text 1:24
Refund: Claim it or lose it  Text 2:04
Renting Your vacation home Text 1:39
Resources for Indian tribal governments are available from the IRS Text 1:46
Security measures help protect against tax-related identity theft Text 1:31
Set up an IRS payment plan online Text 3:31
Six reasons why you should file your taxes electronically Text 1:44
Small business Health Care Tax Credit Text 2:30
Small business tax workshop Text 1:22
Some taxpayers can file their employment taxes annually Text 2:09
Tax benefits for members of the military Text 1:05
Tax credits for families Text 1:34
Tax credits for new clean vehicles purchased in 2023 or after Text 1:35
Tax credits for new electric vehicles purchased in 2022 or before Text 1:09
Tax credits for used clean vehicles Text 1:16
Tax Exempt Organization Search (TEOS) Text 1:16
Tax filing status Text 1:49
Tax preparers must have a written data security plan Text 1:36
Tax resources for members of the military Text 1:42
Tax return errors-tips to avoid them Text 2:41
Tax security 2.0: The Taxes-Security-Together checklist Text 2:04
Taxable and nontaxable income Text 2:15
The IRS is hiring revenue agents nationwide Text 1:21
The Work Opportunity Tax Credit benefits employers Text 1:08
TIGTA: Fraud is real! Just hang up on fraud Text 0:30
TIGTA-The IRS is calling me? Can this be for real? Text 1:00
TIGTA-The IRS is calling me? Is this for real? Text 1:00
Truckers: Mark your calendars to file Form 2290 Text 1:31
View your account information Text 1:29
W-2 scam Text 2:07
Welcome to IRS Appeals Text 2:23
What does a special agent do? Text 11:15
What to do after a tax professional data compromise Text 3:34
Where’s my tax refund? Text 1:20
Why tax professionals need a security plan Text 3:46
Your taxes in the sharing economy Text 1:49