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100 Percent First Year Depreciation Text 01:18
2019 IRS Nationwide Tax Forums Text 01:37
Amending My Return Text 01:20
Appealing a Tax Dispute Text 01:21
Appeals Process: Collection Issues Text 05:32
Appeals Process: Exam Issues Text 08:45
Audits by Mail–What to Do?  Text 03:32
Can’t Pay Your Taxes? Why It’s Still Important to File Your Tax Return Text 02:41
Changed Your Name After Marriage or Divorce? Text 01:07
Child Tax Credit and Credit for Other Dependents Text 01:57
Choose a Tax Preparer Wisely Text 02:22
Direct Deposit for Your Tax Refund Text 01:05
Dirty Dozen Text 00:40
Do-It-Yourself Free Tax Preparation Text 01:30
Easy Ways to Pay My IRS Taxes Text 02:15
Education Tax Credits Text 01:58
Employee Achievement Awards Text 01:18
Estimated Tax Payments Text 01:40
Farming and Depreciation Text 01:28
FATCA - Foreign Financial Institution (FFI) List Search and Download Tool Text 05:47
FATCA - Lead, Single or Sponsoring Entity Financial Institution: Create a New Account Text 02:52
FATCA - Registration: Change FI Type to Single or Lead Text 02:27
FATCA - Registration: Lead FI Accepts Transfer Into an Expanded Affiliated Group Text 03:27
FATCA - Registration: Logging Into Your Account Text 02:59
FATCA - Registration: Managing Sponsored Entities and Sponsored Subsidiary Branches Text 08:09
FATCA - Registration: Member FI Transfers to Another Expanded Affiliated Group (EAG) Text 04:33
FATCA - Registration: Recovering Your FATCA ID or Access Code Text 02:52
FATCA - Registration: Single or Lead Changes FI Type to Member of an Expanded Affiliated Group (EAG) Text 05:17
FATCA - Registration-Upload Multiple Sponsored Entities Using a File Text 03:47
Filing Status Text 01:54
First Time Filing a Tax Return? Text 03:44
First-Time Homebuyer Credit Account Look-Up Tool Text 01:32
Flexible Spending Arrangement Carryover Provision Text 01:19
Foreign Tax Credit-Statutory Withholding Rate vs. Treaty Rate Text (PDF) 09:36
Form 1023-EZ Text 00:41
Free Help Preparing Your Tax Return Text 00:59
Gambling Winnings and Losses Text 01:16
Getting Married? Text 02:10
Gift Tax   Text 01:04
Health Care Law: Are You an Applicable Large Employer? Text 02:15
Health Care Law: Employer Shared Responsibility Payments Text 01:42
Health Care Law: Highlights for Applicable Large Employers Text 02:24
Health Care Law: Highlights for Self-Insured Employers Text 01:48
Health Care Law: Information Reporting for Employers Text 03:58
Health Care Law: Information Reporting for Self-Insured Employers Text 02:33
Help for Taxpayers Text 01:45
How to Get an EFIN Text 04:38
How to Maintain, Monitor and Protect Your EFIN Text 02:51
How to Use the Tax Return Preparer Directory Text 01:37
How to Voluntarily Correct the Classification of Your Workers Text 01:42
Individual Shared Responsibility-Overview Text 01:26
Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) Text 02:31
Interactive Tax Assistant Text 00:59
International Taxpayers-Filing Status If Married to a Nonresident Alien Text 04:28
International Taxpayers-Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Text 07:15
International Taxpayers-Foreign Tax Credit Text 06:10
International Taxpayers-Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) Text 04:40
IRA/Retirement Plan 60-Day Rollover Waivers Text 00:57
IRS2Go Mobile App Text 00:46
IRS Letter CP2000: Proposed Changes to Your Tax Return Text 03:35
IRS Letter CP3219A: Statutory Notice of Deficiency Text 02:38
IRS Small Business Self-Employed Tax Center Text 03:38
IRS Tax Calendar Text 01:04
IRS Tax Help for People With Disabilities Text 01:32
Is Social Security Taxable? Text 01:44
Itemized Deductions Changes  Text 02:29
Making an Appointment for IRS Tax Help Text 02:02
Meals and Entertainment Text 00:43
Message to Taxpayers Text 02:15
Miscellaneous Income Text 01:15
Missing W-2 Text 01:30
Monitoring Your Outsourced Payroll Duties on EFTPS Text 02:00
Mortgage Interest Deduction Text 01:49
Need a Payment Plan? Consider Using the Online Payment Agreement Application Text 01:45
Offer in Compromise Text 00:44
Opportunity Zone Text 01:20
Organizing Files for Correspondence Exams Text 02:00
Owe Taxes But Can't Pay? Text 01:07
Paid Family and Medical Leave Employer Credit Text 00:59
Part-Time and Summer Jobs Text 01:21
Phishing-Malware Text 00:59
Premium Tax Credit: Changes in Circumstances Text 01:36
Preparing for Disasters Text 01:00
Private Collection of Overdue Taxes Text 02:27
Products for Taxpayers Who Are Visually Impaired Text 01:02
Qualified Business Income Deduction Text 01:40
Received a Letter From the IRS Regarding Form 944? Text 01:48
Reminders for Extension Filers Text 01:27
Reminders for Extension Filers-Oct. 15 Text 01:20
Retirement Plan and IRA Rollovers Text 01:20
Savings Bonds Text 01:06
Security Summit: Be Cautious When Using Wi-Fi Text  00:54
Security Summit: Check your Credit Report Annually Text 01:00
Security Summit: Identity Theft Tips Overview Text 01:50
Security Summit: Secure Your Tax Return Text 00:47
Security Summit: Update Your Password Regularly Text 00:50
Small Business Health Care Tax Credit Text 02:30
Some Taxpayers Can File Their Employment Taxes Annually Text 02:09
Summer Day Camp Expenses Text 00:53
Tax Exempt Organization Search (TEOS) Text 01:16
Tax Preparers Must Have a Written Data Security Plan Text 01:36
Tax Return Errors - Tips To Avoid Them Text 03:10
Tax Scams Text 01:30
Tax Security 2.0: Taxes-Security-Together Checklist Text 02:00
Taxable and Nontaxable Income Text 01:21
TIGTA: Fraud is Real! Just Hang Up on Fraud Text 00:30
TIGTA-The IRS is Calling Me? Can This Be For Real? Text 01:00
TIGTA-The IRS is Calling Me? Is This For Real? Text 01:00
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Recruitment Text 01:19
W-2 Scam Text 02:01
W-2s, W-3s, 1099-MISC, Information Returns Due Date: January 31 Text 02:01
What to Do After a Tax Professional Data Compromise Text 03:34
When Will I Get My Refund? Text 02:28
Why Tax Professionals Need a Security Plan Text 03:46
Your Account on Text 01:59
Your Taxes in the Sharing Economy Text 01:49