Here’s what to know about IRS Free File guided tax software - YouTube video text script

You can prepare and file your federal tax return electronically for free using Guided Tax Software if your income is below a certain amount.

Go to to see if you qualify to use IRS Free File.

From there, click on "Explore Free Guided Tax Software Options" and you'll see there are two ways to find the free choices available.

Use the "Find Your Trusted Partner" Tool to answer a few questions and find which software you're qualified to use.

Or…You can use the "Browse All Trusted Partners" Tool to review the full list of IRS Free File partners.

You can use a filter feature on the list of partners to see which eligible options are right for you. Some of the partners will also provide the option to file your state tax return for free.

Once you make a selection, you'll be redirected to the software partner's website. 

Remember, you must create an account at the partner's website only after you access it from 

To get started, visit