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Did you can set up an online account at to view your tax information? Well, you can!

This could save you a lot of time because you can get your tax information much faster using an online account than by calling the IRS.

One important thing you can do with an online account is look up the amounts of your total Economic Impact Payments.

Some taxpayers may need that specific number to determine if they're eligible to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit when they file their taxes.

Keep in mind that most taxpayers already received the total amounts as Economic Impact Payments and won't qualify for this credit.

You can also:

  • Get specific information from your most recent tax return
  • Find out how much tax you owe
  • View your payment history and all payments
  • See your annual balances
  • Review the details of any payment plans you have
  • and
  • Get digital copies of some notices the IRS sent you

To get started, visit

Click on "create or view your account" and follow the prompts and you'll be guided through the process of setting up your online account.

Now, to protect your personal information, the IRS will verify your identity when you register.

To learn more about that process, visit

Find out how to set up an online account and view your tax information on Get started at #irs