IRS is looking for Appeals Officers - YouTube video text script


The IRS Independent Office of Appeals is looking for qualified individuals to join our team as Appeals Officers. If you’re a tax professional, have financial, accounting, business, or legal experience, or are a recent college graduate in a related field, Appeals has career opportunities for you.

Appeals Officers work to resolve tax cases before they go to court by applying the law fairly based upon the facts and circumstances of each case. By law, our mission is to be impartial, between the IRS and taxpayers.

Appeals Officers are a select team within the IRS - dedicated to customer service and protecting the rights of taxpayers. We’re looking for professionals who are willing to learn or who have experience interpreting the impact of tax law on individuals and businesses. We address areas like Income tax, Collection, Partnerships, Estate & Gift, Tax-Exempt & Government Entities, International, Excise, and financial services.

If you’re interested in a new challenge, you can find career opportunities and information about the Independent Office of Appeals at