IRS is Hiring 2022 - YouTube video text script


We serve and interact with more Americans than any other public or private organization. We make it possible for the government to perform its vital functions, including Social Security payments, roads and other infrastructure and the nation's military. We make a difference for real people and for the nation. We're looking for experienced individuals who know what they want out of their careers, who want an opportunity to make a real difference for millions of others.

Every day, there are over 300 job openings for the IRS on USA jobs. At the IRS, you can help make a difference for America in a variety of full time, part time, seasonal and temporary opportunities.

We welcome and support veterans, military spouses, students, persons with disabilities and recent graduates to join our increasingly dynamic and diverse organization.

Now is a great time to work in government. At the Internal Revenue Service. We have exciting and challenging jobs in the technology field.

Working for the IRS will provide you with the opportunity to serve more Americans than any other public or private organization. We strive to protect and honor those we serve, and we invite you to join us to help make a real difference in the lives of those in your community.

The IRS has a position for you. Join us today!