IRS Authenticated Collection Voice Bot - YouTube video text script

The IRS began using English and Spanish voice bots on some of its toll-free help lines in January 2022.

Since then, IRS is continuing to add voice bots to additional toll-free lines while also expanding what these voice bots can do to help taxpayers.

The newest feature available for those who are eligible is to use the voice bot to set up or change a payment plan while avoiding wait times.

I have a question about an installment agreement.

Sure, I can help you with a payment plan.

To use this feature, a taxpayer must be able to authenticate their identity. If you received a bill from the IRS, you'll need that bill and a few pieces of basic information to set up a PIN and authenticate your identity. You should keep track of your PIN because it can be used again in the future.

Your payment plan options may include a short-term plan or a long-term plan, also known as an installment agreement.

If you have a current payment plan, you may be able to make changes, including updating payment amounts and/or changing payment dates.

If you can't resolve your issue through the voice bot, you can ask to speak with an IRS phone assistor.

Can I speak to a customer service agent please?

Please hold while I transfer you to a representative.

The IRS reminds everyone that it has a lot of other self-service options available on

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