National Tax Security Awareness Week 2016

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Dec. 5 – Dec. 9, 2016

IRS, Security Summit Partners Continues Work to Protect Taxpayers in 2017

The IRS, states and the tax community sent out a series of reminders to taxpayers and tax professionals as a part of the ongoing Security Summit effort, which will continue with expanded protections against refund fraud and identity theft during the 2017 filing season. See IR-2016-166.

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  • IRS, Security Summit Partners, Remind Taxpayers to Protect Themselves Online (IR-2016-158).
  • IRS and its Security Summit partners announce "National Tax Security Awareness Week." (IR-2016-156).

From Our Partners:

Drake Software: “In the battle to protect the American taxpayer’s identity, education is a key component,” said Jamie Stiles, president of Drake Software. “Taxpayers, as well as tax preparers, need to understand the threats and how to protect taxpayer information. National Tax Security Awareness Week has never been more essential than it is today.”

H&R Block: “Taxpayers are the first line of defense in protecting themselves against stolen identity refund fraud,” said Bill Cobb, H&R Block president and CEO. “National Tax Security Awareness Week is a great way for the public to learn ways they can protect themselves from this growing threat.”

Intuit: "Protecting taxpayers and strengthening the integrity of the U.S. tax system is a team effort. Everyone – government, industry and taxpayers – needs to do their part,” said Brad Smith chairman and chief executive officer of Intuit Inc.“We remain committed to educating and empowering taxpayers to protect their online identity and we are proud to be part of this new era of collaboration across the national tax system to fight cyber security threats." – Brad Smith, Intuit Chairman and CEO