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We use "persistent" cookies on our website in order to increase our ability to help users find the content they want. Federal agencies are authorized under the White House Open Government Initiative, OMB Memorandum 10-22PDF, to use persistent cookies. Persistent cookies enhance web metrics and help us analyze how visitors navigate through Persistent cookies will allow us to analyze the effectiveness of the site, make design improvements to enhance site performance, which will improve customer service overall.

We do not collect personally identifiable information about visitors to our website.

We use "temporary" or "session" cookies on some of the IRS applications deployed on our website, as well. Session cookies allow us to perform site improvements based on the way that the website is actually used by visitors.

Session cookie characteristics:

  • They are stored in the memory of your computer
  • They are only available during an active browser session
  • The cookies do not collect personal information about visitors, and
  • They are erased as soon as you close your web browser

You can adjust your web browser to accept or decline cookies, or to alert you when cookies are in use.

You do not have to accept cookies from us, but if you choose not to, some of the functions on our site may not be available to you.

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