Part 7. Rulings and Agreements

Table of Contents

7.1 TE/GE Administrative Procedures and Programs
7.2 TE/GE Closing Agreements
7.11 Employee Plans Determination Letter Program
7.12 Employee Plans Guidelines
7.13 Employee Plans Automated Processing Procedures
7.14 Employee Plans EDS User Manual
7.15 Employee Plans TEDS User Manual
7.20 Exempt Organizations Determination Letter Program
7.21 Exempt Organizations Determinations Processing
7.22 Exempt Organizations Determination Letter Automation Systems
7.25 Exempt Organizations Determinations Manual
7.26 Private Foundations Manual
7.27 Exempt Organizations Tax Manual
7.28 Exempt Organizations Disclosure Procedures
7.29 Exempt Organizations Technical Rulings and Guidance
7.40 LB&I Initiatives with Other Business Units
7.50 Form SS-8 Worker Classification Determinations