Facts & Figures


Highlights of IRS statistics available on this site include:

IRS Data Books

These contain files of data on collecting revenue, enforcing the law, assisting taxpayers and managing the system. Each Data Book table is in its own file. There is also a PDF file for each year's complete Data Book.

Weekly Filing Statistics Reports

These weekly reports contain data that track the filings of individual income tax returns on a weekly basis throughout the tax return filing season with a final report available towards the end of the year.

Tax Stats Home Page

This has links to all Statistics of Income (SOI) tables and articles, in various groupings — by IRS activity (Collection, Exam, etc.), by topic or by SOI publication series.


These forecasts of the number of returns to be filed for tax forms within the individual, tax-exempt and business areas may be found in various Projections publications or SOI Bulletins.

Individual Tax Stats

These are links to individual return data assembled in various ways. In some cases — such as county data, migration data or ZIP code data — the link shows an example of the files that can be ordered and/or the procedures for ordering data from SOI. Other links — such as state income data — contain links to available SOI data.

Statistics of Income Bulletins

These quarterly Bulletins contain articles and data releases on a wide variety of topics.