News Releases for March 2014

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IRS2Go 4.0 Smartphone App Downloads Surpass 2.3 Million

IR-2014-40, March 31, 2014 — The IRS today announced that more than 2.3 million users have downloaded or updated IRS’s smartphone application IRS2Go 4.0 so far this year. The app’s latest version was launched earlier this year for the 2014 filing season.

IRS Warns of New Email Phishing Scheme Falsely Claiming to be from the Taxpayer Advocate Service

IR-2014-39, March 28, 2014 —The IRS today warned consumers to be on the lookout for a new email phishing scam. The emails appear to be from the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service and include a bogus case number.‬

Many Retirees Face April 1 Deadline To Take Required Retirement Plan Distributions 2014

IR-2014-38, March 27, 2014 — The IRS reminds taxpayers who turned 70½ during 2013 that in most cases they must start receiving required minimum distributions (RMDs) from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and workplace retirement plans by Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

IRS Reminds Taxpayers about Direct Deposit and Split Refunds

IR-2014-37, March 27, 2014 — Millions of taxpayers get their refunds through direct deposits. Filing season stats for March 21, 2014.

IRS Virtual Currency Guidance

IR-2014-36, March. 25, 2014 — Virtual currency is treated as property for U.S. Federal tax purposes; general rules for property transactions apply.

IRS Gives Colorado Flood Victims More Time To Decide When To Claim Losses

IR-2014-35, March 25, 2014 — The IRS today provided taxpayers an extension until Oct. 15, 2014, to decide when to claim disaster losses arising from last September’s flooding.

IRS Releases FY 2013 Data Book

IR-2014-34, March 21, 2014 — The IRS 2013 Data Book provides details on the agency's activities during fiscal year 2013.

Winter 2014 Statistics of Income Bulletin Now Available

IR-2014-33, March 20, 2014 — IRS winter 2014 Bulletin provides information on individual income tax returns filed for tax year 2012 and other topics.

More than Half of all Income Tax Returns Have Been Received IRS Issues Publication on Business Expenses

IR-2014-32, March 20, 2014 — The IRS has received more than half of all the individual income tax returns it expects this year; issues business expense publication.

IRS Bars Appraisers from Valuing Facade Easements for Federal Tax Purposes for Five Years

IR-2014-31, March 19, 2014 — The IRS announced its Office of Professional Responsibility has entered into a settlement agreement with a group of appraisers from the same firm accused of aiding in the understatement of federal tax liabilities by overvaluing facade easements for charitable donation purposes.

IRS Has $760 Million for People Who Have Not Filed a 2010 Income Tax Return

IR-2014-30, March 19, 2014 — Taxpayers who did not file returns for tax year 2010 have until April 15 to claim their tax refunds.

Interest Rates Remain the Same for the Second Quarter of 2014

IR-2014-29, March 14, 2014 — For the second quarter of 2014, interest rates remain the same.

More Taxpayers Filing from Home Computers in 2014, Many Taxpayers Eligible to Use Free File

IR-2014-28, March 13, 2014 — More taxpayers are e-filing from home computers in 2014 according to IRS filing season statistics.

IRS Encourages Small Employers to Check Out Small Business Health Care Tax Credit; Helpful Resources, Tax Tips Available on

IR-2014-27, March 10, 2014 — With business tax-filing deadlines fast approaching, the IRS encouraged small employers that provide health insurance coverage to their employees to check out the small business health care tax credit and claim it if they qualify.

IRS Seeks Volunteers for Taxpayer Advocacy Panel 2014

IR-2014-26, March 10, 2014 — The IRS is seeking volunteers to serve on the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, a federal advisory committee that listens to taxpayers, identifies taxpayer concerns, and makes recommendations for improving services.

IRS Seeks Applications for the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee 2014

IR-2014-25 March 7, 2014 — The IRS is opening the nomination and application process for membership on the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee (ETAAC). The deadline for submitting applications is April 21, 2014.

Simplified Option for Claiming Home Office Deduction Now Available

IR-2014-24, March 7, 2014 — The Internal Revenue Service today reminded people with home-based businesses that this year for the first time they can choose a new simplified option for claiming the deduction for business use of a home.

2014 Refunds Ahead of Last Year

IR-2014-23, March 6, 2014 — The IRS has issued more than 48 million refunds so far this year.

New IRS Video Helps Same Sex Couples

IR-2014-22, March 6, 2014 — The IRS released a new YouTube video designed to provide useful tax tips to married same-sex couples.

Low Income Taxpayer Clinic Program Reports on Activities 2014

IR-2014-21, March 5, 2014 — The IRS’s Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) Program Office issued its second annual program report on how LITCs assist thousands of low income taxpayers nationwide with pro bono representation, education, and advocacy services.

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