News Releases for March 2015

Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

IR-2015-62, March 31, 2015 — As April 1st approaches, the IRS warns taxpayers not to be fooled by tricks used by scammers to make it look like the IRS is calling.

IR-2015-61, March 27, 2015 — The IRS awarded approximately $10.25 million in matching grants to Low Income Taxpayer Clinics for the 2015 grant year.

IR-2015-60, March 27, 2015 — The IRS will hold a free webinar next week designed to offer tips to taxpayers, especially small business owners, on working effectively with a paid tax preparer.

IR-2015-59, March 26, 2015 — With millions of taxpayers getting ready to file, the IRS today reminded taxpayers they can take advantage of daily tax tips, e-news subscriptions and e-mail subscription services.

IR-2015-58, March 24, 2015 — IRS releases statistics on Fiscal Year 2014 activities in its annual release of the Data Book.

IR-2015-57, March 20, 2015 — More taxpayers are using this year than last; there were15 million new visitors last week.

IR-2015-55, March 19, 2015 — The IRS today reminded taxpayers who turned 70½ during 2014 that in most cases they must start receiving required minimum distributions from Individual Retirement Accounts and workplace retirement plans by Wednesday, April 1, 2015.

IR-2015-54, March 18, 2015 — The IRS today reminded taxpayers who receive requests from the IRS to verify their identities that the Identity Verification Service website,, offers the fastest, easiest way to complete the task.

IR-2015-53, March 18, 2015 — The IRS today reminded taxpayers that it’s easier than ever to pay taxes electronically, and for those who can’t pay on time, quick and easy solutions are available.

IR-2015-52, March 17, 2015 – The IRS and Free File Inc., also known as the Free File Alliance, today announced a new five-year agreement that guarantees free, federal tax preparation software products for 70 percent of all taxpayers.

IR-2015-51, March 17, 2015 — The IRS today reminded taxpayers who are unable to complete their tax returns on time that it’s easy to get more time to file their return and can even be done online.

IR-2015-50, March 16, 2015 — The IRS today reminded taxpayers that they still have time to contribute to an IRA for 2014 and, in many cases, qualify for a deduction or even a tax credit.

IR-2015-49, March 13, 2015 — Interest rates remain the same for the calendar quarter beginning April 1.

IR-2015-48, March 13, 2015 ― The IRS today reminded taxpayers planning to claim charitable donations to make sure they have the records they need before filing their 2014 tax returns.

IR-2015-47, March 12, 2015 — The IRS today reminded people with home-based businesses that they can choose a simplified method for claiming the deduction for business use of a home on their tax return.

IR-2015-46, March 12, 2015 — Taxpayers use almost 200 million times so far this filing season.

IR-2015-45, March 11, 2015 — The IRS today reminded taxpayers that they can quickly check the status of their tax return and refund through “Where’s My Refund?”.

IR-2015-44, March 11, 2015 — More than one million taxpayers need to file tax year 2011 returns by April 15 to claim their refunds potentially worth $1 billion.

IR-2015-43, March 10, 2015 — The IRS seeks volunteers to serve on the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel, a federal advisory committee that listens to taxpayers, identifies major taxpayer concerns and makes recommendations for improving IRS service.

IR-2015-42, March 10, 2015 — The IRS today reminded taxpayers who have yet to file their tax return that they may qualify to receive free tax help from IRS-trained volunteers through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance or the Tax Counseling for the Elderly programs.

IR-2015-41, March 9, 2015 — The IRS today reminded taxpayers of options available to them on to get information and tips about selecting qualified tax professionals.

IR-2015-40, March 6, 2015 — The IRS today reminded the millions of taxpayers who have yet to file their taxes that Free File remains available.

IR-2015-39, March 5, 2015 — The IRS today encouraged taxpayers working on their 2014 tax returns to take advantage of the numerous online tools and resources available on

IR-2015-38, March 4, 2015 — With almost 59 million tax returns filed so far, the Internal Revenue Service estimates that three out of five taxpayers have yet to file their tax returns, according to statistics released today.

IR-2015-37, March 3, 2015 — Continuing its enforcement push against refund fraud and identity theft, the IRS today announced the top ten identity theft prosecutions for Fiscal Year 2014.

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