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IRS Tax Tip 2023-87, July 5, 2023

It's easy to stay up to date on tax information year-round with the IRS verified social media accounts and e-news services. Taxpayers can get tips, guidance and the latest tax law news delivered to their social feed or inbox.

IRS social media platforms

  • Twitter  Information for taxpayers, businesses, tax professionals and job seekers. The IRS shares updates in English and Spanish.
  • Facebook  Tax information for a general audience in English and Spanish.
  • Instagram  Taxpayer-friendly information on a variety of topics. 
  • YouTube   Short videos on specific tax topics for tax professionals and small businesses. The multilingual channel features videos in Spanish, Chinese, Haitian-Creole, Korean, Russian and Vietnamese.
  • LinkedIn  Key agency communications and job opportunities.

IRS2Go mobile app

The agency also has a free mobile app in English and Spanish: IRS2Go. Taxpayers can check their refund status, find free tax help, watch IRS YouTube videos and get daily tax tips. The IRS2Go app is available from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore.

The IRS never personally contacts a taxpayer on social media to ask for personal or financial information. Taxpayers should be aware that scammers may pose as the IRS to steal a taxpayer's identity or defraud them.

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The IRS e-News subscription service sends tax information by email for many different audiences, including:

  • IRS Outreach Connection − Up-to-date materials for tax professionals and partner groups inside and outside the tax community. Subscribers can easily share the material with their clients or members through email, social media and the web.
  • IRS Tax Tips – Daily tips in plain language on a wide-range of general interest tax topics for taxpayers.
  • IRS Newswire − News releases on a wide range of tax issues from breaking news to details on legal guidance.

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