Tax tips for April 2024

Tax Tip 2024-41, April 30, 2024 — The IRS knows that understanding and meeting tax obligations is vital to the success of all businesses, especially a new one. has the resources and information to help people through the process of starting a new business.

Tax Tip 2024-40, April 29, 2024 — During National Small Business Week, the IRS reminds taxpayers that has resources and tools to help small businesses understand and meet their tax responsibilities.

Tax Tip 2024-39, April 26, 2024 — Tax fairness means the tax system is equitable to all citizens. The right to a fair and just tax system is one of 10 rights in the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, which clearly outlines the fundamental rights of every taxpayer.

Tax Tip 2024-38, April 25, 2024 — When a taxpayer realizes that their federal tax return has a math error, missing income or other mistake, they should file an amended tax return.

Tax Tip 2024-37, April 24, 2024 — When a taxpayer can't pay their full tax debt or if paying would cause financial hardship, they should consider applying for an offer in compromise.

Tax Tip 2024-36, April 23, 2024 — Taxpayers who missed the April tax filing and payment deadline should file as soon as they can. The IRS offers resources to help those who may be unable to pay their tax bill in total.

Tax Tip 2024-35, April 17, 2024 — Once people complete and file their tax return, many of them eagerly await any refund they may be owed. Knowing fact from fiction can help manage expectations as they wait for their money.

Tax Tip 2024-34, April 16, 2024 — Some people choose not to file a tax return because they aren't legally required to file, but they could be missing out on refundable tax credits or an income tax refund.

Tax Tip 2024-33, April 15, 2024 — The IRS works hard to make sure taxpayers pay no more than the correct amount of tax. Taxpayers have the right to pay only the amount of tax legally due, including interest and penalties, and to have the IRS apply all tax payments properly. This is one of 10 basic rights known collectively as the Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Tax Tip 2024-32, April 11, 2024 — Direct deposit is the best way to receive a tax refund. The IRS encourages taxpayers to file by the April 15 federal tax deadline and choose direct deposit to receive any refund they may be owed.

Tax Tip 2024-31, April 10, 2024 —Taxpayers who can't pay their tax bill by the April 15, 2024, deadline shouldn't panic – the IRS is here to help. There are several options to help taxpayers meet their obligations.

Tax Tip 2024-30, April 9, 2024 — Taxpayers who can’t file by the deadline of April 15, 2024, should request an extension before that deadline. Remember, however, that an extension to file is not an extension to pay taxes. If they owe taxes, they should pay them before the due date to avoid potential penalties and interest on the amount owed.

Tax Tip 2024-29, April 8, 2024 — The IRS has some important reminders for taxpayers who haven’t filed yet. The deadline for most taxpayers to file and pay their 2023 federal tax is April 15, 2024.

Tax Tip 2024-28, April 4, 2024 — Taxpayers with families who want to file free federal tax returns have several options that offer online tax preparation, electronic filing and direct deposit of refunds for free.

Tax Tip 2024-27, April 3, 2024 — Taxpayers who adopted or started the adoption process in 2023 may qualify for the adoption credit. This credit can be applied to international, domestic, private and public foster care adoption.

Tax Tip 2024-26, April 2, 2024 — The credit for other dependents is a $500 non-refundable credit available to taxpayers with dependents who are not eligible for the child tax credit. Taxpayers can claim this credit in addition to the child and dependent care credit and the Earned Income Credit.

Tax Tip 2024-25, April 1, 2024 — Parents have special tax situations and benefits. Tax breaks for parenting expenses can result in a lower tax bill and a higher refund. Here are some key things new parents need to know.

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