Tax Tips for February 2022

Changes to the earned income tax credit for the 2022 filing season

COVID Tax Tip 2022-31, February 28, 2022 — The EITC is one of the federal government's largest refundable tax credits for low-to moderate-income families. The recent expansion of this credit means that more people may qualify to have some much-needed money put back in their pocket.

Filing season reminder for teachers: Some educator expenses may be tax deductible

COVID Tax Tip 2022-30, February 24, 2022 — The educator expense deduction allows eligible teachers and administrators to deduct part of the cost of technology, supplies and training from their taxes. They can only claim this deduction for expenses that were not reimbursed by their employer, a grant or other source.

Tips for parents who share custody or alternate tax benefits

COVID Tax Tip 2022-29, February 23, 2022 — Some parents who have a legal agreement with their child’s other parent about who claims the child on their taxes may have some questions this tax season about the child tax credit and the 2021 recovery rebate credit. Here’s what people in this situation need to know before filing their 2021 federal tax return.

IRS Free File can make tax season easier on people filing for the first time

COVID Tax Tip 2022-28, February 22, 2022 — Many people will be filing federal tax returns for the first time this year. This includes people who don’t normally file and now need to file a 2021 return to claim a recovery rebate credit or reconcile advance payments of the child tax credit.

Taxpayers can start the 2022 tax-year off right by checking their withholding

Tax Tip 2022-27, February 17, 2022 — One way people can get the new tax year off to a good start is by checking their federal income tax withholding. They can do this using the Tax Withholding Estimator on

Check the status of a refund in just a few clicks using the Where’s My Refund? tool

Tax Tip 2022-26, February 16, 2022 — Tracking the status of a tax refund is easy with the Where's My Refund? tool. It's available anytime on or through the IRS2Go App.

IRS resources to help taxpayers through all stages of the filing process

COVID Tax Tip 2022-25, February 15, 2022 — Now that the filing season has begun, the IRS reminds taxpayers that IRS online tools and resources provide the fastest way to get information and answers they need to file their federal tax returns. tools are easy to use and available 24 hours a day.

IRS Free File can help take the stress out of tax season for seniors and retirees

IRS Tax Tip 2022-24, February 14, 2022 — For taxpayers on a fixed income, every penny matters. Many of these are seniors and retirees who can file their taxes for free. IRS Free File provides free online tax preparation software for taxpayers with income of $73,000 or less in 2021.

Taxpayers must report tip money as income on their tax return

Tax Tip 2022-23, February 10, 2022 — For those working in the service industry, tips are often a vital part of their income. Like most forms of income, tips are taxable.

IRS reminds taxpayers their Social Security benefits may be taxable

Tax Tip 2022-22, February 9, 2022 — A new tax season has arrived. The IRS reminds taxpayers receiving Social Security benefits that they may have to pay federal income tax on a portion of those benefits.

Top things all taxpayers need to remember when filing their 2021 tax return

COVID Tax Tip 2022-21, February 8, 2022 — Now that the filing season has begun, there are several key items all taxpayers should keep in mind when filing their federal income tax returns this year.

IRS resources and services for visually impaired taxpayers

Tax Tip 2022-20, February 7, 2022 — The IRS Alternative Media Center offers a variety of resources and accessibility services for visually impaired taxpayers.

Tips to help taxpayers reduce tax-time stress

COVID Tax Tip 2022-19, February 3, 2022 — Each tax season comes with unique challenges and 2022 is no exception. The IRS wants taxpayers to get the information they need as quickly as possible.

Free IRS programs are here to help taxpayers prepare and file returns

Tax Tip 2022-18, February 2, 2022 — It’s a new tax season. While some things are different, one thing that remains the same is, taxpayers can have their taxes prepared for free through one of two long-standing IRS programs.

Understanding taxpayer rights: The right to pay no more than the correct amount of tax

Tax Tip 2022-17, February 1, 2022 — The IRS is committed to ensuring taxpayers pay no more than the correct amount of tax.

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