Tax Tips for February 2023

IRS Tax Tip 2023-25, February 28, 2023 — It’s important for taxpayers to have all their documents and information so they can file an accurate and complete tax return. This may mean waiting to file until they receive all their documentation – and it can also mean following up on missing or incorrect documents.

IRS Tax Tip 2023-24, February 27, 2023 — Tax Pro Account lets tax professionals submit an authorization request to a taxpayer’s IRS Online Account. This includes both power of attorney and tax information authorization requests. The taxpayers can then review, approve and sign the request electronically.

Tax Tip 2023-23, February 22, 2023 — Free File Fillable Forms are electronic federal tax forms taxpayers can fill out and file online for free, enabling them to Choose the income tax form they need, enter their tax information online, electronically sign and file their return, and print their return for recordkeeping.

Tax Tip 2023-22, February 21, 2023 — Taxpayers with dependents who don't qualify for the Child Tax Credit may be able to claim the Credit for Other Dependents. They can claim this credit in addition to the Child and Dependent Care Credit and the Earned Income Credit.

Tax Tip 2023-21, February 16, 2023 — A few minutes spent reviewing income tax withholding early in the year helps set a taxpayer up for success all year long. The Tax Withholding Estimator on makes it easy to figure out how much to withhold.

Tax Tip 2023-20, February 15, 2023 — Many taxpayers know about the IRS Free File program, which lets people who make less than $73,000 file their federal tax return for free. They should also be sure to check if the program offers no cost filing for their state tax return.

Tax Tip 2023-19, February 14, 2023 — Many taxpayers turn to tax professionals to help them prepare their federal tax return. These taxpayers should choose their preparer with care.

Tax Tip 2023-18, February 13, 2023 — The EITC helps workers who earned $59,187 or less when they file their tax return. Unfortunately, many people risk missing out on the credit because they don't know they’re eligible — especially people who had a major life change and may qualify for the first time this year.

Tax Tip 2023-17, February 9, 2023 — Military personnel who want free federal tax return filing have a several options, including the Department of Defense’s MilTax and the IRS Free File program, which offers online tax preparation, electronic filing and direct deposit of refunds at no cost.

Tax Tip 2023-16, February 8, 2023 — Seniors and retirees who want to file their taxes for free or find free in-person tax help can look at a few programs available for eligible taxpayers.

Tax Tip 2023-15, February 7, 2023 — Whether someone travels for work once a year or once a month, figuring out travel expense tax write-offs might seem confusing. The IRS has information to help all business travelers properly claim these valuable deductions.

Tax Tip 2023-14, February 6, 2023 — The Taxpayer Bill of Rights is a cornerstone of the IRS mission that highlights the 10 fundamental rights taxpayers have when working with the IRS. All taxpayers should familiarize themselves with these rights.

Tax Tip 2023-13, February 2, 2023 — Receiving a tax refund is happy news to any taxpayer; getting it quickly is even better. Direct deposit is the safest and most convenient way to receive a tax refund. The IRS encourages taxpayers to file when they are ready and choose direct deposit to receive any refund they may be owed.

Tax Tip 2023-12, February 1, 2023 — Navigating the tax return preparation process can be intimidating if you’re filing for the first time. IRS Free File can help. This program provides free tax preparation, free electronic filing and free direct deposit for eligible taxpayers.

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