If you are self-employed, visit the Self-Employed Individuals Tax Center page for information about your tax obligations.

Understanding Employment Taxes

Understand the various types of taxes you need to deposit and report such as, federal income tax, social security and Medicare taxes and Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax.

    Calculate Your Employment Taxes

Depositing and Reporting Employment Taxes

You must deposit federal income tax withheld and both the employer and employee social security and Medicare taxes. You also must report on the taxes you deposit, as well as report wages, tips and other compensation paid to an employee.

Employment Tax Due Dates

You must deposit and report your employment taxes on time.

Correcting Employment Taxes

"X" forms are used to report adjustments to employment taxes and to claim refunds of overpaid employment taxes. There are several additional ways to address adjustments to the employment taxes you reported on your return.

E-file Employment Tax Forms

Learn how to electronically file your employment tax forms.

Updating Your Business Address

There are several ways to notify the IRS that your address has changed.