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Create a New Account Each Year

  • All accounts will be DELETED after October 21
  • Prior year account data is not available. For your records, print your 2016 tax return before the program shuts down
  • e-File your 2016 tax return before the program shuts down

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  • Use the New Line-by-Line Instructions page to get help with a form
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  • IF you had 12 months of qualifying health insurance coverage last year, then don’t forget to check the box on line 61 of your 1040, line 38 of your 1040A or line 11 of your 1040EZ.


  • Free File Fillable Forms closes October 21. After October 21, you will not be able to access your account to e-File or print your tax return. Avoid any last-minute hassle and stress, prepare, e-File, and print your tax return today!
  • You haven't filed if the IRS rejects your return. If your return is rejected, you must correct any errors and resubmit your return before October 21.
  • Access to your account to e-File or to print your tax return is not available after October 21.

After you submit your 2016 return, you should receive an email from, verifying the IRS accepted your federal return. If your corrected return is not accepted by October 21, 2017, mail in your printed copy.

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