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If you received an email from stating your Free File Fillable Form was rejected, use the Error Search Tool to find a solution.

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When we discover an issue, we post it in the table. If you find your issue in the table revisit this page, for any status update, before you attempt to complete your return.

Issue Description Tentative Fix Date

Form 8995-A, Part IV, line 32 calculation

Page 6 of the instructions state: "If you don’t have QBI, and only have REIT, PTP and/or a domestic production activities deduction (DPAD), skip Parts I through III and complete Part IV."

Line 32 will not calculate, when Part II is skipped.  Line 27 must have an amount and that amount is transferred from Part II, line 16.

February 13, 2020 

Verification Email Not Received (?)

Some email service provider’s and Internet Service Provider’s security policies block delivery of the Free File Fillable Forms verification email.  Your antivirus software settings may also account for this issue.

The source of the verification email may have a different IP Address than the IP Address that was used to send prior email.
To your email provider, Internet Service Provider or antivirus software, it may appear that someone with the same address as prior email (, is sending email from a different IP Address, and your email provider blocks it.

This is not an issue that can be resolved by the IRS. 

Contact your email service provider and/or Internet Service Provider and ask if they can assist with unblocking emails for your account.  Review your antivirus software settings.

If working with your email service provider and/or Internet Service Provider does not resolve the issue, you may be able to avoid the block by:

  • Creating/Using a different email account (@Gmail, @Outlook, @Yahoo, etc.)
  • Changing the email address associated with your Free File Fillable Forms account
  • Verifying with the new email address

Keep in mind that your IRS Acceptance/Rejection email will be sent to the email address that is verified.

Mail in returns when the email address remains unverified.

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