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Known Software Issues

When we discover an issue, we post it in the table. If you find your issue in the table revisit this page, for any status update, before you attempt to complete your return.

Issue Description Tentative Fix Date
Schedule 4- Line 62 and Business Rule F1040-337-02. When the amount on 62 does not equal line 64, the business rule is triggered. 02/15/2019
Line 9 of Schedule A should allow you to manually enter an amount if you are not required to file the form 4952. 02/06/2019
The Form 8962, line 7 “Look Up” button points to the 2017 table.  Go to page 9 of the Form 8962 Instructions for the correct 2018 table. 02/06/2019
Schedule 3 – The amounts on Schedule 3 are not transmitting, which is causing many errors, including: F1040-064-03; IND-112; IND-422 and F8880-001. If you are attaching Schedule 3, your return will be rejected until the issue is resolved. 02/01/2019
Schedule 3 - Line 48 is calculated for you. It should be a manual entry line, for those not required to file Form 1116 02/01/2019