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If you received an email from stating your Free File Fillable Form was rejected, use the Error Search Tool to find a solution.

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Known Software Issues

When we discover an issue, we post it in the table. Review the tentative fix date. Before you attempt to update your return revisit this page to see if the date has changed. If your issue was on this page and has been removed, the developer reports the issue was resolved.

Issue Description Tentative Fix Date

International Users: “Login Issues”
Taxpayers are unable to login and/or receive a confirmation email due to software issues.

If you are experiencing login issues explore Free File Guided Tax Preparation as an alternative way to file your return.

No Estimate

Server Access Issues: “Service Unavailable”, “HTTP2_PROTOCOL_ERROR”, etc. 

 – Since fixed, some taxpayers may continue to experience access issues. If this continues to be an issue for you, find an alternate method of filing your tax return or extension. Meanwhile, your Free File Fillable Forms account information is safe and will be deleted after October 20, 2023.

No Estimate

Disappearing Zip Code and Step 2, address incomplete Error:

The return fails to transmit and reference an incomplete address.

To fix, remove the selection from the foreign country menu by choosing the blank space at the top of the menu and entering the zip code again.