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When we discover an issue, we post it in the table. If you find your issue in the table revisit this page, for any status update, before you attempt to complete your return.

Issue Description Tentative Fix Date
Form 8936 – Line 16 and 17 are calculating when they should not, causing additional lines to calculate improperly.
February 4, 2022
Schedule B – Won’t allow negative numbers. February 4, 2022
Schedule D – Won’t allow negative numbers for lines 1h and 8h. Fixed
Schedule D - Won’t print with the return. Fixed
Schedule SE - Won’t print with the return. Fixed
Form 1040 - The checkboxes for the Child Tax Credit and Credit for Other Dependents won’t remain checked when printed.  Fixed
Form 8863 - Checking the box on line 7 does not result in the correct calculation for line 9. February 4, 2022
Schedule SE - Line 2 will not allow negative numbers. February 4, 2022
Form 8829 - pressing the "Do the Math" toggles the percentage calculated on line 7 between the correct value and zero. This changes the values computed on lines 12 through 14. February 4, 2022