E-file with commercial tax prep software

You can use commercial tax prep software and file your taxes electronically. You can pay electronically, too.

Doing your taxes

Gather your tax information and get commercial tax prep software. The software uses a question-and-answer format that makes doing taxes easier. You must sign your e-filed return electronically. You can sign using the self-select PIN or by using your prior year adjusted gross income.

Filing your taxes

When you file your return, it will be securely transmitted through an IRS-approved electronic channel.  It is not sent by email because email is not as safe as our secure channels.

As part of the delivery process, IRS computers automatically check your return for mistakes. If we find easy-to-fix mistakes, like a math error or an incorrect Social Security number, we immediately send it back to you. You can fix it and send it right back. This saves time and prevents a simple mistake from holding up your refund.

Paying your taxes

With e-file, you can file as soon as you're ready but schedule your payment for any date up until your due date. Forms in the 1040 series are due in April for most taxpayers, but other forms have different due dates. To find out more, go to Payments. We offer several convenient, safe and secure ways to pay your taxes electronically, including:

  • e-file and pay by authorizing an electronic funds withdrawal and get an acknowledgement as soon as we accept your payment;
  • pay online or with your mobile device with Direct Pay for free and receive instant confirmation your payment was submitted;
  • pay online, by phone or with your mobile device using your debit or credit card for a fee charged by the card processor;
  • mail a check or money order (made out to the United States Treasury) using Form 1040-V, Payment Voucher.

Getting your refund

Go to Where's My Refund? to find out where your refund is in our return processing pipeline. You'll need your SSN or individual taxpayer identification number, filing status and the exact whole dollar amount of your refund. 

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