Accessibility Guide for ID Verify



About this guide

This guide is intended to assist individuals with disabilities in their use of the ID Verify application. The guide will provide direction in accessing the features available in ID Verify using specific technologies, including screen readers, screen magnifiers, and speech recognition software.

Application overview

The identity verification service is a mobile-friendly digital tool that allows taxpayers who received an IRS 5071C letter to respond to a series of questions online.

Information for specific technologies, issues and guidance

Desktop screen readers

Here is some standard guidance for using the JAWS screen reader or VoiceOver. For other screen readers, please refer to the manufacturers guide for basic commands.


JAWS Actions and Commands
Action Commands
Virtual HTML Features INSERT + F3
List Links INSERT + F7
Next Link TAB
Prior Link SHIFT + TAB
List Headings INSERT + F6
List of Form Fields INSERT + F5
List Buttons INSERT + CTRL + B
List Combo Boxes INSERT + CTRL + C
List Edit Boxes INSERT + CTRL + E
List Radio Buttons INSERT + CTRL + A
List Check Boxes INSERT + CTRL + X
List Tables INSERT + CTRL + T
Read from Beginning of Row to Current Cell INSERT + SHIFT + HOME
Read from Current Cell to End of Row INSERT + SHIFT + PAGE UP
Read the current row SHIFT + UP ARROW
Read the current column SHIFT + NUMPAD 5
List Frames INSERT + F9
List All Ordered, Unordered, and Definition Lists INSERT + CTRL + L
  • JAWS announces paragraph text multiple times when it's selected using the Paragraph list command from Virtual HTML. Use the arrow key to read the full paragraph text.

macOS VoiceOver

VoiceOver actions and commands
Action Commands
Find the next heading VO + Command + H
Find the previous heading VO + Command + Shift + H
Find the next control VO + Command + J
Find the previous control SHIFT + TAB
Find the next Table VO + Command + T
Find the previous Table VO + Command + Shift + T
Find the next Link VO + Command + L
Find the previous Link VO + Command + Shift + L
Find the next Paragraph VO + Shift + Page Down
Find the previous Paragraph VO + Shift + Page Up
Read the next Sentence VO + Command + Page Down
Read the next Line VO + Down Arrow
Read the previous Line VO + Up Arrow
Read everything visible in the window or the Dock, or on your desktop, depending on your location VO + Shift + W

Mobile screen readers

Android TalkBack (TB)

  • TalkBack keyboard commands for Android 4.1 or higher
    • Navigation
      • Move to next item: Alt + Shift+ Right arrow
      • Move topreviou item: Alt + Shift + Left arrow
      • Move to first item: Alt + Shift + Up arrow
      • Move to last item: Alt + Shift + Down arrow
      • Click focused element: Alt + Shift + Enter
    • Global actions
      • Back: Alt + Shift + Backspace
      • Home: Alt + Shift + h
      • Recent apps/Overview: Alt + Shift + r
      • Notifications: Alt + Shift + n
      • Search the screen: Alt + Shift + / (forward slash)
      • Next navigation setting: Alt + Shift + Equals (=)
      • Previous navigation setting: Alt + Shift + Minus (-)
      • Open global context menu: Alt + Shift + g
      • Open local context menu: Alt + Shift + L
      • Stop TalkBack speech: Control
      • Pause or resume TalkBack: Alt + Shift + z
  • On some of the ID Verify pages there are "Continue" buttons that are inactive until a user makes a radio button selection and/or completes the necessary text fields. When these "Continue" buttons are disabled TalkBack only announces "Continue button" and when the buttons are enabled TalkBack announces "Continue Button Double tap to activate".
  • TalkBack is not reading each digit individually in the Control number field. For example, the following Control number "12345678910234" would be read as: "Twelve trillion, thirty-four billion, etc."

iOS VoiceOver (VO)

  • For some versions of iOS VoiceOver there is a known issue where the count of Form Controls or Buttons will include the browser's built in controls in addition to any form controls that are present on the web page. For example, VO may include the back button, forward button, refresh button, and other built in controls. For the ID Verify Application there are only ever 3 form controls or buttons at any given time on the page.
  • There is a known issue on iOS 12 and higher where VoiceOver does not announce second to last digit being deleted from an input field.
  • VoiceOver may announce "Form Start" at different places throughout the Identify Verification application. "Form Start" refers to portions of the webpage that accept user input, not a specific IRS tax form.

Screen magnifiers

ZoomText (ZT)

ZoomText actions and commands
Action Commands
Virtual HTML Features INSERT + F3
Increase magnification ALT + NUMPAD PLUS
Decrease magnification ALT + NUMPAD MINUS
Turn color enhancements on and off CTRL + SHIFT + C
Font Enhancements (xFont, Standard and None) CTRL + SHIFT + F

Speech Recognition Software

Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNS)

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Actions and Commands
Action Commands
Turn the microphone on or off Plus key (+) on the numeric keypad
Open the Correction menu Minus key (-) on the numeric keypad
Force words to be recognized as commands Press and hold down the CTRL key
Force words to be recognized as dictation Press and hold down the SHIFT key
Open the Naturally Speaking menu Asterisk key (*) on the numeric keypad
Put the microphone to sleep or wake it up Slash key (/) on the numeric keypad
Press-to-talk Zero key (0) on the numeric keypad
  • For best results use Dragon NaturallySpeaking v14 for Windows or v6 for macOS.