News Releases for January 2021

Notice: Historical Content

This is an archival or historical document and may not reflect current law, policies or procedures.

IR-2021-27, January 29, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today explained how corporations may qualify for the new 100% limit for disaster relief contributions and offered a temporary waiver of the recordkeeping requirement for corporations otherwise qualifying for the increased limit.

IR-2021-26, January 29, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today posted updated FAQs about recent legislation that extended and amended tax relief to certain small- and mid-sized employers under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

IR-2021-25, January 29, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service and partners across the nation remind taxpayers about the Earned Income Tax Credit today on “EITC Awareness Day” 2021.

IR-2021-24, January 28, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today urged taxpayers who receive Forms 1099-G for unemployment benefits they did not actually get because of identity theft to contact their appropriate state agency for a corrected form.

IR-2021-23, January 27, 2021 — Following an unpredictable year with many changes and challenges, the Internal Revenue Service today shared important reminders for taxpayers who are about to file their 2020 federal tax returns.

IR-2021-22, January 26, 2021 — As part of a larger effort related to the Taxpayer First Act, the IRS announced today the creation of a new Chief Taxpayer Experience Officer position to help unify and expand efforts across the agency to serve taxpayers.

IR-2021-21, January 26, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service urges employers to take advantage of the newly-extended employee retention credit, designed to make it easier for businesses that, despite challenges posed by COVID-19, choose to keep their employees on the payroll.

IR-2021-20, January 25, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today rolled out a new online option that will help tax professionals remotely obtain signatures from individual and business clients and submit authorization forms electronically.

IR-2021-19, January 22, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today reminds taxpayers that the fastest way to get their tax refund is by filing electronically and choosing direct deposit.

IR-2021-18, January 22, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service is reminding taxpayers that organizing tax records is an important first step for getting ready to prepare and file their 2020 tax return.

IR-2021-17, January 19, 2021 — The IRS today released Notice 2021-11 addressing how employers who elected to defer certain employees’ taxes can withhold and pay the deferred taxes throughout 2021 instead of just the first four months of the year.

IR-2021-16, January 15, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service announced that the nation's tax season will start on Friday, February 12, 2021, when the tax agency will begin accepting and processing 2020 tax year returns.

IR-2021-15, January 15, 2021 — IRS Free File – online tax preparation products available at no charge – launched today, giving taxpayers an early opportunity to claim credits like the Recovery Rebate Credit and other deductions, the Internal Revenue Service announced.

IR-2021-14, January 14, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today reminded businesses and other payors that the revised Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income, and the new Form 1099-NEC, Nonemployee Compensation, must be furnished to most recipients by February 1, 2021.

IR-2021-13, January 14, 2021 — Taxpayers who paid too little tax during 2020 can still avoid a tax-time bill and possible penalties by making a quarterly estimated tax payment now, directly to the Internal Revenue Service.

IR-2021-12, January 13, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today announced the appointment of 13 new members to the Internal Revenue Service Advisory Council.

IR-2021-11, January 13, 2021 — National Taxpayer Advocate Erin M. Collins today released her 2020 Annual Report to Congress, focusing on the unprecedented challenges taxpayers faced in filing their tax returns and receiving refunds and stimulus payments during a year consumed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

IR-2021-10, January 12, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today assured taxpayers and tax professionals that updates to key federal tax forms and instructions are complete and will be available when Americans begin filing their tax returns.

IR-2021-09, January 12, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today expanded the Identity Protection PIN Opt-In Program to all taxpayers who can verify their identities.

IR-2021-08, January 11, 2021— The Internal Revenue Service is seeking qualified applicants for nomination to the Electronic Tax Administration Advisory Committee.

IR-2021-07, January 11, 2021 — The IRS today sent the Taxpayer First Act Report to Congress, a comprehensive set of recommendations that will reimagine the taxpayer experience, enhance employee training and restructure the organization to increase collaboration and innovation.

IR-2021-06, January 7, 2021 — Starting this week, the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service are sending approximately 8 million second Economic Impact Payments (EIPs) by prepaid debit card.

IR-2021-05, January 6, 2021 — Today the Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service issued final regulations regarding the credit for qualified carbon oxide captured using carbon capture equipment placed in service on or after February 9, 2018.

IR-2021-04, January 6, 2021 — The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service issued guidance today allowing deductions for the payments of eligible expenses when such payments would result (or be expected to result) in the forgiveness of a loan (covered loan) under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

IR-2021-03, January 5, 2021 — The Internal Revenue Service today released its 2020 annual report describing the agency’s work delivering taxpayer service and compliance efforts during COVID-19 while spotlighting actions taken by IRS employees to help people during the challenging year.

IR-2021-02, January 5, 2021 — As part of ongoing efforts to improve service for the tax-exempt community, the Internal Revenue Service issued the revised Form 1024-A, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(4), and its instructions to allow electronic filing.

IR-2021-01, January 4, 2021— The Internal Revenue Service today urged people to visit for the most current information on the second round of Economic Impact Payments rather than calling the agency or their financial institutions or tax software providers.

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