Every year, the IRS issues refunds to millions of taxpayers. Refund data are reported in multiple ways, including by the number issued and refund amounts. Historical refund data are also available from 1987 to 2007.

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Fiscal Year Data

The tables below were originally published in the IRS Data Book, which is IRS Publication 55B, and are complied by various divisions throughout the IRS. The IRS's fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30.

Refunds Issued and Refund Amounts

Number of Internal Revenue Refunds Issued
The number of refunds issued are shown for selected returns, including corporation, individual, employment, estate, gift, and excise taxes, by state. Prior to 2000, the number of refunds for selected tax return types are classified by Internal Revenue region and district.

Fiscal Years available:

Amount of Internal Revenue Refunds Issued, Including Interest
These tables show the total dollar amount refunded, by state and type of tax. Prior to 2000, the total dollar amounts refunded are shown by Internal Revenue region and district and by type of tax return. 

Fiscal Years available:

Historical IRS Tax Refunds

Total dollar amounts refunded by quarter and fiscal year, by type of return.

SOI Bulletin Historical Table 19
Fiscal Years covered:  1987-2007

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