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SOI Tax Stats - 2012 Joint Statistical Research Program Projects

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Below is a list of projects selected for the 2012 Joint Statistical Research Program.

Tax Compliance among New and Established Businesses Using the KFS-IRS Matched Data File
Tami Gurley-Calvez - West VA University and Kauffman Foundation, and Donald Bruce -  University of Tennessee

Longitudinal Analyses of Financial and Tax Reporting Measures of Income
George Plesko and Erin Henry - University of Connecticut

Estimating the Effect of Taxation on Charitable Giving in Life and at Death
John Bakija - Williams College, and Eugene Steuerle and Katherine Toran - Urban Institute

Intertemporal Income Choice as a Function of Wealth and Demography
Jenny Bourne - Carleton College, and Eugene Steuerle and  Katherin Toran - Urban Institute

Older Taxpayers’ Responses to Taxation of Social Security Benefits
Leonard Burman - Syracuse University and the Tax Policy Center, Norma Coe - University of Washington and NBER, and Lui Tian -  Syracuse University

Which Individuals Don't Pay Back Their 401(k) Loans?
Sarah Holden - Investment Company Institute

Labor Force Participation Elasticities of Women and Secondary Earners within Married Couples
Robert McClelland and Shannon Mok - Congressional Budget Office

Enhancing SOI Tabulations and Files to Improve Analysis and Research
James Nunns and Jeffrey Rohaly, - Urban Institute, and Dan Feenberg - NBER

Early Withdrawals from Retirement Accounts during the Great Recession
John Sabelhaus - Federal Reserve Board of Governors

The Returns to the Federal Tax Credits for Higher Education
Caroline Hoxby and George Bulman - Stanford University and NBER

Using Panel Tax Data to Examine the Transition to Retirement
Peter Brady - Investment Company Institute

The Effects of Tax Expenditures on the Budget and Economic Activity
John Friedman, Raj Chetty, Danny Yagan, Pat Kline, and Emmanuel Saez - Harvard and NBER

Enforcement Salience: Does news About Tax Enforcement Improve Tax Compliance
Joel Slemrod and Jeffrey Hoopes - University of Michigan

New Estimates of Intergenerational Income Mobility Using Administrative Tax Data
Pablo Mitnik and David Grusky - Stanford University



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