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IRS Research Conference

2002 IRS Research Conference
Washington, D.C.


This section contains papers written by IRS employees and others for the 2002 IRS Research Conference.

The views expressed in these papers are those of the authors and are not necessarily the official positions of the Internal Revenue Service.

Citations are included in the papers. For more information about a paper, please send us an  email message.

All research papers are available as PDF files. A free Adobe Acrobat reader is available for download, if needed.


Data Availability, Access, and Security Issues

Challenges Associated with Collecting Compliance DataPDF
Karin Cano and Robert Brown, IRS National Research Program Office, July 2002

IRS Contractors to Conduct Research and SurveysPDF
Julia Reasoner, IRS Office of Disclosure Regarding Research, July 2002

The Release of IRS Data: Challenges and New ApproachesPDF
Nick Greenia, Statistics of Income, IRS, July 2002

Use of Contractors in Tax Administration: Issues to ConsiderPDF
Patricia H. McGuire, Office of Program Evaluation and Risk Analysis, IRS, July 2002

Earned Income Tax Credit

Compliance Estimates for Earned Income Tax Credit Claimed on 1999 ReturnsPDF
IRS, July 2002

Dependent Data Base and Earned Income Tax CreditPDF
Wendy Handin and Scott Mendelson, IRS Wage and Investment Division, July 2002

Development of an Effective EITC Outreach StrategyPDF
Jose Lopez, IRS Wage and Investment Division, July 2002

IRS Workload and Resource Allocation

Projecting Tax Return Filings by Major Workload CategoriesPDF
Russell Geiman, IRS National Headquarters Office of Research, July 2002

Measuring Compliance and the Tax Gap

Compliance Measurement and Workload Selection with Operational Audit DataPDF
Brian Erard, B. Erard and Associates, July 2002

Trends in Book-Tax Income and Balance Sheet DifferencesPDF
Lillian Mills and Kaye Newberry, University of Arizona; and William B. Trautman, IRS Large and Mid-Sized Business Division, August 2002

Return Selection Strategies

Partnership Selection System: Data Mining Proof-of-ConceptPDF
Don McPartland, IRS Large and Mid-Sized Business Division, Research; and Richard Solari, Oracle Corporation, July 2002

Predictors of Unreported Income: Test of Unreported Income (UI) DIF ScoresPDF
Dennis Cyr, Thomas Eckhardt, Lou Ann Sandoval, and Marvin Halldorson, IRS, January 2003

Risk Based Reporting CompliancePDF
Richard Fratanduono, IRS Small Business and Self-Employed Division, Research; and John Kam, IRS National Headquarters Office of Research, August 2002

Testing the UI-DIF FormulasPDF
Lance Asner, IRS National Headquarters Office of Research, July 2002. Large File—27.5 Megabytes

Strategies to Reduce Taxpayer Burden and Improve Customer Service and Satisfaction

Design and Development of the Wage and Investment Compliance Burden ModelPDF
Michael Stavrianos and Arnold Greenland, PwC Consulting. August 2002. Large File—15.8 Megabytes

Walk-in Taxpayer Demographic and Attitudinal Profile, Project 2.02PDF
Ralph Collinson and Jon Games, IRS Wage and Investment Division, Research, July 2002


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