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IRS Research Conference


2005 IRS Research Conference
June 7–8
Washington, D.C.

This section contains selected papers and other materials produced by IRS employees and others for the 2005 IRS Research Conference that was held on June 7–8, 2005, in Washington, DC. These materials are included in the proceedings of the conference—The IRS Research Bulletin: Recent Research on Tax Administration and Compliance, Publication 1500. Each item is appropriately identified below.

The views expressed in these materials are those of the authors and are not necessarily the official positions of the Internal Revenue Service.

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All research papers are available as PDF files. A free Adobe Acrobat reader is available for download, if needed.


Foreword, Acknowledgments, and Table of ContentsPDF

Conference ProgramPDF

Conference Attendee ListPDF

New Estimates of Individual Income Tax Compliance

Preliminary Results of the National Research Program’s Reporting Compliance Study of Tax Year 2001 Individual ReturnsPDF
Charles Bennett, IRS, National Research Program

Preliminary Update of the Tax Year 2001 Individual Income Tax Underreporting Gap EstimatesPDF
Alan Plumley, IRS, RAS, Office of Research

Estimating the Informal Supplier Tax GapPDF
James Alm, Georgia State University; and Brian Erard, B. Erard and Associates

Indirect Measures of Compliance

Visualization of Effective Tax Rates for Tax Gap Estimation and Compliance Risk AssessmentPDF
Peter Lumb, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, United Kingdom

ROA-Based Estimates of Income Shifting by U.S. Multinational CorporationsPDF
Charles W. Christian, Arizona State University; and Thomas D. Schultz, Case Western Reserve University

Taxpayer Compliance Burden

Measuring the Tax Compliance Burden of Small BusinessesPDF
Donald DeLuca, Arnie Greenland, John Guyton, Sean Hennessy, and Audrey Kindlon, IBM Business Consulting Services

Tax Compliance Costs of Small Businesses 2004: Improving the EstimatesPDF
Prue Oxley and Stuart Turner, Inland Revenue, New Zealand; and Charles Sullivan, Capital Research, Wellington, New Zealand

The Effects of Tax Software and Paid Preparers on Compliance CostsPDF
John L. Guyton, IBM Business Consulting Services; Adam K. Korobow, LMI; Peter S. Lee, Internal Revenue Service; and Eric J. Toder, The Urban Institute

Use of Tax Administration Resources

Offshore Compliance: Using Regression and Risk Modeling to Select Cases from Large DatasetsPDF
Annex 1 and Annex 2PDF
Annex 3PDF
Damian Pritchard and Nadeer Khan, Inland Revenue, United Kingdom

Risk-Based Collection Model Development and TestingPDF
Jane Martin and Rick Stephenson, IRS, Small Business/Self-Employed Division

Methods for Measuring IRS’s ProductivityPDF
Kevin Daly and Jennifer Gravelle, U.S. Government Accountability Office

Influencing Voluntary Compliance Behavior

Research into the Impact of Audit on CompliancePDF
Valmai Copeland, Inland Revenue, New Zealand

Carrots, Sticks, Sole Proprietors, and Tax AccountantsPDF
John Hasseldine, Nottingham University Business School; Peggy A. Hite, Indiana University; Simon James, University of Exeter; and Marika Toumi, Nottingham University Business School

Understanding Barriers to Compliance and Participation

Does Confidentiality Affect Tax Compliance?PDF
Susan Laury and Sally Wallace, Georgia State University

Compliance with Information Reporting: Exempt OrganizationsPDF
Martin David and Thomas Pollak, Urban Institute; and Paul Arnsberger, Internal Revenue Service

Improving Tax Compliance of Bilingual Taxpayers with Effective Consumer CommunicationPDF
Christine C. Bauman, University of Northern Iowa; David Luna, Baruch College; and Laura A. Peracchio, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


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