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Important information for e-Services users: Just a reminder: Time is running out. If you received a Letter 5903 from the IRS you MUST revalidate your identity in order to continue accessing your IRS e-Services account. The IRS urges all tax professionals who received this letter to act now.
You may revalidate your account either online or by telephone. To validate online, you will use Get Transcript Online’s Secure Access authentication process. Select “first-time user” and complete the authentication process. To validate by telephone,  call the e-Services Help Desk and provide the Unique Security Code from your letter 5903. The IRS has additional personnel staffing the Help Desk. That number is: 866-255-0654.
The IRS reminds letter recipients that failure to take any action will result in the suspension of your e-Services Registration Account.  Please review Important Update about Your e-Services Account. for details.

Help Desk Hours:The e-help Desk will provide extended hours of service only for e-Services users who have received Letter 5903, asking them to validate their identities.  Beginning December 5, 2016 the extended hours for the e-Help Desk are:

Monday thru Friday: 6:30 a.m.- 8:00 p.m. Central Time

Saturday: 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. Central Time 

*Jan. 16, 2017 Martin Luther King Holiday 9:00am -3:00 p.m. Central Time


SCAM ALERT: It has come to our attention that an email is being issued to tax preparers asking them to update their e-Services information. The links provided in the email to access e-Services appear to be a phishing scam to capture e-Services usernames and passwords. This email WAS NOT generated by e-Services. If you receive an e-mail like this, do not click on the links or take any other action. See the recent IRS media release for more details. If you receive an unsolicited email that appears to be from either the IRS or an organization closely linked to the IRS, such as the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS), report it by sending it to

TDS: In an effort to minimize additional ID Theft opportunities, IRS has designed the Transcript Delivery System (TDS) to not deliver transcripts to requestors when an ID Theft indicator is on the account. Tax Professionals with Power of Attorney can contact the Practitioner Priority Specialty line to obtain a client’s transcript. The taxpayer will receive a notice alerting them of any requests for their transcript and instruct them to contact the Identity Theft toll-free number. Once proper authentication has been completed, we will issue a transcript to the taxpayer.


e-Services is a suite of web-based tools that allow tax professionals and payers to complete certain transactions online with the IRS. The tools include Registration Services, e-file Application, Transcript Delivery and TIN Matching. These services are only available to approved IRS business partners as noted below and not to the public. 

Authorized business partners who need assistance using the online tools can contact the e-help Desk at 1-866-255-0654. International callers must dial 512-416-7750.

Registration Services

All tax professionals and payers who wish to use e-Services tools must register online to create a user account. Be sure you are eligible to use one of the online tools before you start to register. Visit Registration Services to learn what’s needed to register, to confirm your registration or to manage your user account. 

In order to improve and increase security, changes to e-services Registration were implemented Sunday, September 28, 2014

e-file Application

Use our online e-file Application to become an authorized e-file provider. Join our partnership, save money, increase your productivity and build your business, while providing a service the majority of taxpayers now expect. IRS e-file has securely transmitted more than 1 billion tax returns since 1990. Nearly 80 percent of all individual federal returns are now e-filed. Learn more about IRS e-file that’s required for most tax return preparers. It will be good for your customers and good for your business.

NOTE: it is only through an approved e-file application that tax professionals, who are Electronic Return Originators (EROs), Circular 230 Practitioners, or Reporting Agents (RAs) , can gain access to the Transcript Delivery System. ERO’s must e-file five or more returns in a tax season to be eligible. Circular 230 Practitioners need only apply and be approved.

Transcript Delivery System (TDS)

Use TDS to view your client’s return and account information quickly, in a secure, online session. EROs, Circular 230 practitioners and RAs are eligible to use TDS to request and receive account transcripts, wage and income documents, tax return transcripts and verification of non-filing letters. A Record of Account that combines both the Return Transcript and Account Transcript into one product is also available. 

We will only honor requests for these products when a properly executed Form 2848, Power of Attorney or Form 8821, Tax Information Authorization, is already on file with us. RAs must have a Form 8655, Reporting Agent Authorization, on file in lieu of F2848 or F8821.

TDS user access is defaulted to approved principals, responsible officials, and principal consents on the e-file application. These individuals may authorize TDS access to ‘delegated users’ in their business.

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Matching

TIN Matching is a pre-filing service only offered to payers and/or their authorized agents who submit any of six information returns (Forms 1099-B, 1099-K, INT, DIV, OID, PATR, or MISC). It enables validation of TIN and name combinations prior to submission of the information return.

  • Interactive TIN Matching enables payers to match up to 25 payee TIN and name combinations in real-time
  • Bulk TIN Matching enables the submission of a file with up to 100,000 TIN and name combinations. We send a response file to the users secure mailbox within 24 hours.

Payers must be listed on the IRS Payer Account File (PAF) database in order to participate. If your firm has not filed information returns with the IRS in one of the past two tax years, you are not eligible. A principal of the business must complete a TIN Matching Application after registering. Refer to Pub 2108A - On-Line Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Matching Program for complete information.


QuickAlerts Messaging Service

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