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Printing, Display & Misc. Problems

Printing and display problems (including entered information disappearing from your return) are browser issues. Switching to a recommended browser will generally resolve the issue. When switching browsers does not resolve the issue, follow the steps in Entered Information Disappears.

Printing Problems

  • No forms print- This is generally a browser issue. Make sure you are using a recommended browser. In addition, if you have a print session open, you cannot open a new one. Close the prior print session.
  • Some forms print- Income documents you entered (W-2s and 1099-Rs) are not supposed to print with your return. Other forms will not print with your return unless they are complete. Review the missing forms for completeness.
  • Information missing from printed forms- This is generally a compatibility issue with your Operating System or your browser and the software. See the Minimum Computer Requirements.

Display Problems- Your browser causes display issues. Make sure you are using a recommended browser.

The Form or Schedule has a misprint- This is a rare occurrence and we appreciate you letting us know about it.

Entered Information Disappears- Your browser will cause information you entered to disappear when you save or select “Do the Math.” Make sure you are using a recommended browser. If you are using a recommended browser and are using the browser’s auto-fill or add-on, such as Incognito or In Private, turn them off and then perform these steps:

  1. Access the form and line causing the problem
  2. Highlight the entry field causing the problem, hit your “Delete” key, then, with your cursor still in the area, hold down the “Backspace” key for five seconds.
  3. Save and exit the program
  4. Close all browser sessions except one and clear you cache and cookies
  5. Access your account and complete the form
  6. Delete the form if this does not resolve the problem


  • Estimated tax payments - The 1040-ES Estimated Tax Payment form is only for mailing in payments for next year’s taxes. If you prefer to make estimated tax payments electronically, try Direct Pay
  • Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) information - 
    • If you did not file a return last year, enter a zero on that line
    • If the above does not apply, get an Electronic Filing PIN.
  • Saving a copy of your return to your computer - Change your default printer to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Image Writer or another program that will allow you to capture (print) your return in an electronic format. However, we always recommend you have a printed copy in case you have hard drive issues later.
  • Mailing your income documents to the IRS (i.e. W-2, Form W2-G or Form 1099-R) - You do not need to mail in these forms. You enter the information from these documents into the program. Check your entries for these forms before submitting your return. Remember, you are required to keep your supporting documentation.
  • Discovering mistakes after your return is accepted - Once your return is accepted, you will not be able to make changes. If you need to make a change, file a paper amended return. 

More Help

If you need help understanding what information you should enter on a line, refer to the IRS instructions for the relevant form or schedule. There is a link for these instructions at the bottom of each Free File Fillable Forms screen. Publication 17 is also a useful resource for information. For more assistance with answering Tax Law Questions, consider these resources:

  • Use the Interactive Tax Assistant
  • Visit an IRS local Taxpayer Assistance Center
  • Use Tax Topics to investigate specific tax issues
  • Call Tele-Tax toll-free, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800-829-4477 to hear prerecorded information about various tax topics in English or Spanish. Tele-Tax topics begin at page 93 of the Form 1040 Instructions.
  • Access the IRS website and enter your KEYWORD to search for your tax topic
  • If you still need tax law help, contact the IRS, toll-free at 800-829-1040
  • If you have a hearing impairment, contact the IRS, toll-free at 800-829-4059 (TDD)
  • If you live outside the United States, visit the International Services page on

Contact us with your Miscellaneous Form Problem when your question is not answered on this self-assist page.  DO NOT send personal information, such as a Social Security Number or your physical address. It may take a week to research the issue and provide a response. 

Use this link if your problem is with a Rejected Return.



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