Anti-tax law evasion schemes - Questions and answers


Q. What type of filings do zero or untaxing advocates submit?

A. Untaxing advocates submit returns claiming income is not taxable. Some report all of their income but take a deduction to reduce AGI to nothing. Some prepare returns with zeros entered in all lines. Some file returns with only names, TIN's, addresses and message. Others are non-filers who are persons that do not alert IRS to their position.

Q. How do taxpayers get back into the system and file correctly?

A. If you believe you have incorrectly filed, you should file an amended return. If the amended return results in additional tax owed, you may also be subject to interest and penalties. However, amending your return may reduce the amount of penalties and interest that you eventually owe.

Q. What happens if I do not amend my return?

A. If your return is audited, the possible penalties, interest, and legal costs associated with an abusive tax promotion can be significant. Criminal penalties may also apply. This is in addition to the tax due and fees you paid for the promotion. You can contact the Internal Revenue Service at 1-800-829-1040, if you have any questions.

Q. The information presented by the promoter sounded legitimate. Now I have concerns regarding this promotion. Who do I contact to report information on the promotion and promoter?

A. Contact the Internal Revenue Service at 866-775-7474 or email the Tax Shelter Hotline at

Q. Can I get more information on the Internet?

A. Yes. Additional information is available at the following IRS websites: