Exempt Organization Annual Reporting Requirements: Filing Requirements for Schedule J, Form 990


Are all organizations that list individuals in Form 990, Part VII also required to complete Schedule J?

No. An organization is required to complete Schedule J only if it satisfied at least one of three separate requirements:

  1. It is required to list any former officer, director, trustee, key employee or highest compensated employee in Part VII, Form 990;
  2. The sum of reportable compensation and other compensation paid to any individual listed in Part VII by the filing organization and related organizations exceeds $150,000, or
  3. It participated in an arrangement in which compensation was paid by an unrelated organization to at least one of its officers, directors, trustees, key employees or five highest compensated employees for services provided to the filing organization.

The thresholds for completing Schedule J are contained in Questions 3-5 of Part VII, Section A.

TIP: Organizations required to complete Schedule J are not required to list and report compensation for all individuals listed and reported in core form Part VII.  They only must list and report in Schedule J, Part II, those individuals who receive compensation for the tax year that exceeds the applicable reporting thresholds described in Questions 3-5 of Part VII, Section A (e.g., $150,000 for current officers, directors, trustees and key employees).

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