The IRS is actively exploring various ideas to enhance your user experience, with a goal of implementing these improvements by Fall 2023. Here's what we are considering:

  • Public Disclosure Main Webpage: The concept of a central webpage with an easy-to-use interface and navigation, which could provide a comprehensive list of datasets and relevant updates.
  • Dataset Guide: The development of a guide that would offer essential descriptive information for datasets.
  • Data Dictionary: The creation of a comprehensive tool that defines and explains the data elements in each dataset.
  • Annotated Forms: A visual representation that could provide an overview of the relationships between form field and datasets.
  • Column Headers: An index that would identify and explain column headers not included in downloaded datasets.
  • FAQs: The creation of a FAQ document to address common inquiries and concerns related to public disclosure, datasets, and more.

The IRS is committed to exploring these ideas to deliver a seamless experience for search and analysis of tax-exempt organizations.