Farmers and fishers face March 1 tax deadline

IR-2023-34, Feb. 28, 2023

WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service today reminded businesses with income from farming or fishing that have not already made their estimated tax payments to file and pay their entire tax due on or before Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

Taxpayers can pay from their bank account using their Online Account or they can schedule payments in advance using IRS Direct Pay.

Farmers and fishers who did not pay all their 2022 estimated taxes by Jan. 17 must file their 2022 tax return and pay the entire tax due by March 1.

Only those that have paid their estimated tax payments by Jan. 17 can file by the regular April 18 deadline and avoid estimated tax penalties. This special rule generally applies when income from farming or fishing makes up at least 2/3 of the total gross income in either the current or the preceding tax year.

Special rules for disaster areas

Disaster-area taxpayers, including farmers and fishers, have more time to file and pay. Currently, taxpayers in most of California and parts of Alabama and Georgia, have until Oct.16, 2023, to file their 2022 return and pay any tax due. This extension is automatic; taxpayers don't need to file any paperwork or call the IRS to get it.

Like other taxpayers, those in a disaster area who need more time can request a tax-filing extension. Visit for details.

Paying online is safe, fast and easy

Online Account allows individuals to make same-day payments from a checking or savings account. Taxpayers can also see their payment history, balance and payment plan information, and digital copies of certain notices sent from the IRS.

Taxpayers can use IRS Direct Pay to schedule a payment from their bank account for their tax deadline with no registration or login required. Those who want to pay business taxes should enroll in and use the (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).

For more information about these and other payment options visit

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