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IRS Tax Tip 2016-26, February 24, 2016

The IRS offers many free, easy-to-use products in Spanish.

Here are the best ways to get federal tax help ‘en español’:

  • Get Answers in Spanish 24/7. offers a wealth of tax information in Spanish. You can check the status of your tax refund with the online tool “¿Dónde está mi reembolso?” Use the “Asistente EITC” tool to check if you qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit. You may qualify for the credit if you earned less than $53,267 in 2015.
  • Try IRS E-file. Whether you do your own taxes or pay a tax preparer, you should e-file your tax return. IRS e-file is safe, easy and secure. If you owe taxes, you can e-file early and pay by the April 18 deadline.
  • Get Health Care Tax Information. The IRS website has information about the Affordable Care Act tax provisions in both English and Spanish. The pages explain the individual shared responsibility provision and the premium tax credit and their effect on the tax return you’re filing in 2016. You can find information about the law, the latest news, frequently asked questions and links to additional resources on these pages.
  • Get Free Tax Preparation by a Volunteer. You may qualify to have your taxes filed through the IRS VITA or TCE programs. The IRS certifies VITA and TCE volunteers at locations in communities throughout the U.S. In most cases, VITA offers free tax preparation and e-file if you earned $54,000 or less. TCE offers help if you’re age 60 or older. Many VITA and TCE sites have bilingual volunteers on hand.
  • Get Up-to-Date at the Multimedia Center. Watch YouTube video tax tips and listen to IRS podcasts in Spanish.
  • Get Tax Forms and Publications. Visit to get several tax forms and publications in Spanish.
  • Visit the IRS Spanish Newsroom. You’ll see the IRS’s most recent news releases, tax tips and information in the Spanish newsroom.
  • Stay Connected through Twitter en Español. Get the latest tax information and helpful tax tips in Spanish on Twitter. Follow the national IRS Spanish Twitter Account @IRSenEspanol.

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