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Individual Income Tax Returns, 2010PDF
by Justin Bryan

Taxpayers filed 142.9 million individual income tax returns for Tax Year (TY) 2010, an increase of 1.7 percent from the 140.5 million returns filed for TY 2009. The adjusted gross income (AGI) less deficit reported on these returns totaled $8.1 trillion, a 6.1-percent increase from the previous year. This was the first increase in AGI after 2 years of decreases.

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Partnership Returns, 2010PDF
by Nina Shumofsky, Lauren Lee, and Ron DeCarlo

The number of partnerships and partners in the United States continued to grow in Tax Year 2010, during which partnerships filed more than 3 million returns representing more than 22 million partners. Nearly half of all partnerships and more than a third of all partners were classified in the real estate and rental and leasing sector. In contrast to Tax Years 2008 and 2009, total assets, total receipts, and total net income (loss) all increased in 2010.

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Nonprofit Charitable Organizations, 2009PDF
by Paul Arnsberger

Nonprofit charitable organizations exempt from income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 501(c)(3) filed 320,791 Forms 990 and 990-EZ for Tax Year 2009, a slight increase from 2008. These organizations held $2.70 trillion in assets, an increase in real terms of 6 percent from the previous year. They also reported 6 percent more in total revenue ($1.48 trillion), nearly three-fourths of which ($1.09 trillion) came from program services.

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Transactions Between Large Foreign-Owned Domestic Corporations and
Related Foreign Persons, 2008

by Isaac J. Goodwin

The total value of nonloan transactions between large foreign-owned domestic corporations and related foreign parties amounted to $1.187 trillion, a 36-percent decrease from the 2006 study’s record $1.86 trillion. While this represents a significant decline, the 2008 total is still higher than all studies prior to 2006. Sales and purchases of stock in trade represent the bulk of the total value of nonloan transactions (55.9 percent and 73.6 percent, respectively), which is consistent with prior years.

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In the Next Issue
The following articles are tentatively planned for inclusion in the Winter 2013 issue of the Statistics of Income Bulletin, scheduled to be published in March 2013:

  • Individual Income Tax Returns, Preliminary Data,
  • Individual income tax rates and shares, 2010;
  • Individual noncash contributions, 2010;
  • Split-interest trusts, Filing Year 2011;

  • Projections, Calendar Years 2012–2019;
  • Controlled foreign corporations, 2008;
  • Private foundations and associated excise taxes,
    2009; and
  • Unrelated business income, 2009.




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