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Statistics of Income Joint Statistical Research Program

The goals of the Statistics of Income (SOI) Joint Statistical Research Program are to provide new understandings of taxpayer behavior that aid in administering the U.S. tax system and new insights and understandings of the ways that existing tax policies affect individuals, businesses, and the economy. To that end, IRS researchers are matched with qualified researchers outside the Federal Government with the expectation that the projects will lead to developing new datasets useful for future tax administration research, tabulations that can be released to the public, and published articles that discuss the research results, versions of which will be released as working papers on Tax Stats. The program is usually offered every other year.

SOI anticipates accepting proposals for the next round of its Joint Statistical Research Program (JSRP) early in calendar year 2023.  At that time, proposals will be accepted through the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Standard Application Portal (SAP), which is being established as required under the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018 (Evidence Act).  Updated information on the application process will be posted on this page and we will notify subscribers to our SOI Listserv  via email as more information becomes available. 

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Statistics of Income Working Papers

The Statistics of Income (SOI) working papers present new and exciting research on the U.S. Federal tax system and the methods used to produce tax statistics. Papers are presented at professional conferences, such as the Joint Statistical Meeting of the American Statistical Association and the National Tax Association’s annual conference on taxation, and are often published in professional journals. Above you will find a selection of papers organized by presentation year.