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IRS Research Conference

2004 IRS Research Conference
June 2–3
Washington, D.C.

This section contains selected papers and other materials produced by IRS employees and others for the 2004 IRS Research Conference that was held on June 2–3, 2004, in Washington, DC. These materials are included in the proceedings of the conference—The IRS Research Bulletin: Recent IRS Research on Tax Administration and Compliance, Publication 1500. Each item is appropriately identified below.

The views expressed in these materials are those of the authors and are not necessarily the official positions of the Internal Revenue Service.

For more information about the proceedings volume or a particular item, please send us an email message.

All research papers are available as PDF files. A free Adobe Acrobat reader is available for download, if needed.

Foreword and Table of ContentsPDF

Conference ProgramPDF

Conference Attendee ListPDF

Keynote AddressPDF

Senator Charles Grassley
Senate Finance Committee

Measuring and influencing voluntary compliance

Criminal Investigation Enforcement Activities and Taxpayer NoncompliancePDF
Jeffrey Dubin, California Institute of Technology, February 2005

Audit Information Dissemination, Taxpayer Communication, and Compliance: An Experimental ApproachPDF
James Alm, Georgia State University; Betty Jackson, University of Colorado at Boulder; and Michael McKee, University of Tennessee at Knoxville, February 2005

Statistical Analysis of Compliance Using the NRP Data: Detection Controlled ModelsPDF
Jonathan Feinstein, Yale University, June 2004

Tax administration and compliance in other countries

Compliance Research at the Canada Revenue AgencyPDF
Greg Maloney, Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, February 2005

Translating the Compliance Model into Practical RealityPDF
Tony Morris and Michele Lonsdale, New Zealand Inland Revenue, February 2005

Tax Credits: The UK PerspectiveSummaryPDF
Medhi Hussain, Inland Revenue, United Kingdom, May 2004

Issues in IRS management / administration of the tax system

IRS Human Capital: Hiring and Attrition of Employees in Compliance OccupationsPDF
Alex Turk and Thomas Mielke, Internal Revenue Service, February 2005

Internet-Based Customer Service: Organizational ExperiencesPDF
IRS, Wage and Investment Division; and Stefano Grazioli, University of Virginia, May and June 2004

Measuring taxpayer compliance burdens

The Tax Compliance Burden of Small Businesses—A Profile of 50 BusinessesPDF
Donald Deluca, Arnold Greenland, Sean Hennessy, Audrey Kindlon, and Michael Stavrianos, IBM Consulting, February 2005

Evaluating the Ability of the Individual Taxpayer Burden Model to Measure Components of Taxpayer Burden: The Alternative Minimum Tax as a Case StudyPDF
Allen Lerman, Treasury Department; and Peter Lee, Internal Revenue Service, February 2005

New developments in IRS enforcement strategies

Relational Mining for Compliance RiskPDF
David DeBarr, MITRE Corporation; and Maury Harwood, Internal Revenue Service, February 2005

Designing a System for Structured Assessment of Compliance RiskPDF
John Lowrance, SRI International; and Rajesh Ragoobeer, Internal Revenue Service, February 2005

Compliance Risk Modeling and Resource Allocation in LMSBPDF
William Trautman, Internal Revenue Service, May and June 2004

Compliance with the Earned Income Tax Credit

IRS Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Initiative: Status Report to CongressPDF
February 2005

Appendix C from IRS Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Initiative: Status Report to CongressPDF
February 2005

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