SOI Tax Stats - SOI Bulletin: Fall 2005


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An Analysis of Select Large Nonfinancial Corporations with Total Assets Greater Than $2.5 Billion, Tax Years 1998-2002PDF
Data Release by Heather R. Duffy, SOI
Large corporations have a significant impact on the national economy. To get a better understanding of the magnitude of that impact, data were collected on a select group of corporations over a 5-year period, Tax Years 1998 through 2002. Excel Table: 1XLS Related Link: Corporation Tax Statistics
Charities and Other Tax-Exempt Organizations, 2002PDF
Data Release by Paul Arnsberger, SOI

Nonprofit charitable organizations reported over $1.7 trillion in assets on 252,000 information returns for Tax Year 2002.

Excel Tables: 1XLS, 2XLS, 3XLS, 4XLS Related Link: Exempt Organizations
Corporate Foreign Tax Credit, 2001PDF
Article by Scott Luttrell, SOI
For 2001, there were 5,478 U.S. corporations that claimed foreign tax credits, reducing their U.S. income tax liability by $41.4 billion. Excel Tables: 1XLS, 2XLS, 3XLS Related Link: Corporate Foreign Tax Credits
Domestic Private Foundations, Tax Years 1993-2002PDF
Article by Melissa Ludlum, SOI
The private foundation segment of the tax-exempt sector experienced significant growth between Tax Years 1993-2002. The number of private foundations increased, as did the aggregate values of assets held and grants distributed by these organizations. Excel Tables: 1XLS, 2XLS Related Link: Private Foundations and Charitable Trusts
Fiduciary Income Tax Returns, Filing Years 2003 and 2004PDF
Article by Lisa Schreiber, SOI
In 2003, nearly 3.7 million fiduciary income tax returns were filed, primarily for income earned in 2002, also referred to as Tax Year 2002. In that year, estates and trusts reported aggregate gross income worth $71.3 billion, aggregate total deductions worth $53.6 billion, and total tax liability worth $7.9 billion. Excel Tables: 1XLS, 2XLS, 3XLS, 4XLS Related Link:Income from Trusts and Estates
Individual Income Tax Returns, 2003PDF
Article by Michael Parisi and Scott Hollenbeck, SOI
Taxpayers filed 130.4 million individual income tax returns for Tax Year 2003, reporting $6.2 trillion of adjusted gross income less deficit. Excel Tables: 1XLS, 2XLS, 3XLS, 4XLS Related Link: Individual Tax Statistics
Partnership Returns, 2003PDF
Article by Tim Wheeler and Nina Shumofsky, SOI
The number of partnerships increased and the number of partners decreased for 2003. Total assets and total net income (less deficit), each increased for 2003. Excel Tables: 1XLS, 2XLS, 3XLS, 4XLS, 5XLS, 6XLS, 7XLS, 8XLS Related Link: Partnership Statistics
U.S. Possessions Corporation Returns, 2001PDF
Article by Daniel S. Holik, SOI
For Tax Year 2001, the number of U.S. corporations claiming the possessions tax credit (171) and the amount of the credit claimed ($1.3 billion) continued declines that began in the 1990’s. Excel Tables: 1XLS, 2XLS Related Link: U.S. Possessions Corporations

Link: Historical Tables and Appendix