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Foreign-Controlled Domestic Corporations, 2012PDF
By James R. Hobbs

Foreign-controlled domestic corporations (83,814) made up 1.4 percent of all Federal income tax returns filed by U.S. corporations for tax year 2012. Collectively, these corporations accounted for $4.7 trillion of the total receipts (16.1 percent) and $12.3 trillion of the assets (14.5 percent) reported for the year.

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High-Income Tax Returns for 2012PDF
By Justin Bryan

For 2012, there were slightly more than 5.3 million individual income tax returns with an expanded income of $200,000 or more, accounting for 3.7 percent of all returns for the year. Of these, 13,350 returns had no worldwide income tax liability. This was a 10.3-percent decline in the number of returns with no worldwide income tax liability in 2011, and the third decrease in a row since reaching an all-time high of 19,551 returns in 2009.

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SOI Migration Data: A New ApproachPDF
By Kevin Pierce

This article discusses the methodological improvements made to SOI’s United States population migration data for calendar years 2011-2012. Major improvements include the switch from partial- to full-year data, improved year-to-year return matching, and new tabulations that show migration flows at the State level, by size of adjusted gross income and age of the primary taxpayer.

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In this Issue

Articles on the following topics are tentatively planned for inclusion in the Fall 2015 issue of the Statistics of Income Bulletin, scheduled to be published in Fall 2015:

  • Foreign Recipients of U.S. Income, 2010
  • Sales of Capital Assets, 2012
  • Corporate Foreign Tax Credit, 2011
  • Controlled Foreign Corporations, 2010
  • Municipal Bonds, 2012


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