Multi Year TCE Grant Recipient


Welcome! We are excited to have you as a grantee! We look forward to the coming year.

Getting Started:

Managing the Grant:

Now that you have the grant, it is time to ensure your processes for managing the funds are in place and that you can access the funds on-line. The following requirements must be maintained each year to continue as a multi-year grant recipient.

Closing the Grant:

  • Final Report Requirements – Find out what to do when the project period ends and it is time to submit the final report.

Continuation of Multi-year Grant:

Multi-year grant recipients will receive notification of continued eligibility from the Grant Program Office in late April. If you are eligible to continue as a multi-year recipient you will follow the abbreviated application process. If you are not eligible or if the multi-year period on your agreement indicates period 3, follow the application process at Applying for a TCE Grant to reapply for a multi-year grant. Publication 1101 provides a step-by-step guide.  

Checklist for abbreviated application process:

Abbreviated Application Documents - The items listed should be included in the multi-year application. Please label the application by the names indicated.

Application Submission:

  • Download the application by following system instructions on  
  • Complete the application as directed in Publication 1101.
  • All applications and required attachments MUST BE submitted through and must pass validation in on or before May 31.

Notification of Grant:

The Grant Program Office will notify applicants of their acceptance or rejection of a grant award by email. If not awarded a grant, general information is provided on why the applicant was not selected. Notification is scheduled for early October. An applicant that is eligible for multi-year continuation will not be subject to the technical evaluation and will receive notification of award and funding earlier than applicants awarded under the competitive process.


  • Form 13533 VITA/TCE Sponsor Agreement – Required to be completed by all grant recipients.
  • Form 14335 Contact Information for the VITA and TCE Grant Program - Used to notify IRS of the individuals to contact regarding your grant.
  • Standard Form 424, Application for Federal Assistance - This form is required for all grant applications.
  • Standard Form 425, Federal Financial Report (FFR) Cash Transaction Report – Used for reporting quarterly and final period financial information through the Division of Payment Management (DPM).
  • Form 8653, TCE Application Plan – Used for reporting proposed budget information.
  • Form 8654, TCE Semi-Annual/Annual Program Report – Used to report budget expenditures semi-annually and annually. In addition, a narrative report must accompany both the Form 8654 Semi-Annual and Form 8654 Annual Report. See Publication 4883, Grant Programs Resource Guide for more information.
  • Standard Form LLL, Disclosure Form to Report Lobbying - This form is only required if applicable.


  • Publication 1101, Application Package & Guidelines for Managing a TCE Program
  • Publication 4883, Grant Programs Resource Guide –Assistance in understanding requirements of the VITA and TCE Grant Programs.
  • Publication 1084, IRS Volunteer Site Coordinator Handbook – Guidance on managing and operating a VITA site.

Additional Resources:

Important Links:

  • - Online federal grant announcement and application system.
  • Office of Management and Budget – Circulars governing the administrative requirements, cost principles, and audit requirements for grant recipients.
  • System for Award Management (SAM) - SAM is the primary registrant database of contracts and assistance awards for the federal government and is a free web site that consolidates the capabilities you used to find in CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS.  
  • Sub-award Reporting - Reporting of first tier sub-awards. Please refer to the TCE Terms and Conditions, Publication 5245, for guidance on reporting sub-awards.

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